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26 app review

Mobile applications make it easier for users to perform certain tasks; in that regard, developers of different apps have designed applications that are specifically meant to perform certain tasks. One such app is – a sharp, good-looking mobile that was designed to-do list manager (and Chrome add-on).

The app is currently a favorite to-do app for iPhone, and it’s longing for the top place when it comes to Android, too. is customized for iOS and Android, the app syncs smoothly between devices and platforms, can handle recurring tasks (although its recurring options are a little lacking), timed and location-based reminders.

The can provide you with a short review of everything you have on your table for the day. The app also makes an effort to keep a user’s to-do list from getting overwhelming, and has the ability to show a user’s “today,” “tomorrow,” and “later,” so that they don’t get overwhelmed by dates and times. The app mnages multiple priorities, and it integrate nicely with Cal, the calendar app from the same team. is has quite a number of features which users may not realize are there, even though its interface is designed to be simple and easy to get familiar with. It’s not perfect both though—syncing can be tricky sometimes, and if users desire to handle their to-dos from a desktop, they have to employ their Chrome add-on, which can be a bit challenging.

There’s no webapp or desktop app. Still, many users rallied to it, noting that its good looks and simplicity keep you coming back, even when they’ve tried other apps, and there was a lot of love for Moment as a daily planning tool.


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