App Gives to Charity While You Sleep – You Snooze You Lose


If you love hitting the snooze button when your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you may have a new reason to worry. What if you lost money every time you hit that snooze button? There is an alarm clock app gives new meaning to the saying “time is money.” Snooze is an easy way for making a difference by contributing to charity.

How it works:

It works like any other alarm clock on your smartphone – but instead you can choose the charity you wish to donate to, how long you want your snooze to be and the interval time as well as the amount you wish to give. When your snoozes add up to £1 (about R20) you can choose to donate that amount or set it back to zero.

It may seem small, but the amounts may actually make a big difference. Charities benefitting currently include Maggie’s, Parkinson’s UK, Prostate Cancer UK among others.

The bad news for you:

If you love hitting the snooze button it could get a bit pricey for you. For each time you snooze, you’ll literally lose. Serial snoozing may not get you any sympathy from your boss even after you’ve explained that it’s for a good cause!

The Snooze app was built by LetGive, a company that combines mobile technology with charitable giving. Even though the app isn’t likely to raise large sums of money, it’s a harmless way of doing good while hopefully reminding you to get out of bed on time.


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