An App For Keeping You Safe on The Roads As a Woman

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Despite the introduction of the controversial Uber and the Gautrain, the South African public transport system has quite a long way to go.

Driving alone at night can be quite a frightening experience on local roads, especially for women.

Fortunately, thanks to some great strides in the technological arena, there are a number of apps that have made things a bit easier.

The Santam App, Be Safe is one such technological feature. Free for download for iOS users, it’s available to Santam users as well as to non-members. Some features are exclusively for Santam clients however.

How The Santam App works:

For those nights you may be travelling alone, the app can come in handy. You simply share your journey from start to end with a selection of numbers you choose.

The app ensures that those numbers are notified once you’ve reached your destination.

If your trip is delayed in any way, (maybe you make a late-night stop to get a quick snack) the numbers will be notified via SMS.

A benefit for users of the App is that it’s not only limited to driving. You can also use it for cycling, running or walking purposes.

You enter your start point, destination and the time you’ll take. You can then choose friends and family to be your “guardians.” They’ll track your progress via SMS.

Another useful way is to use it to track your children when they go out for concerts or holidays.

“If you no longer wish your movements to be motivated, you can terminate the process by sending a notification to this effect to your guardians. It’s a cross platform app so your guardians can be on Android or Apple iPhone devices to see your progress live on a map. Friends and family with other platforms and devices can also act as guardians, but will only receive SMS notifications indicating a start and end of your journey,” says Nathan van Rooyen, Santam’s head of digital marketing.

Well done to Santam for taking a bold step for ensuring the safety of women on our roads.


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