Apple Cell Phone Popularity in Africa


When Apple founder Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone back in 2007 at the Macworld Convention, he called it “a revolutionary mobile phone”.Nearly 10 years later, Apple cell phone technology has become synonymous with the best smartphone solutions and products in the world, driving innovation and dynamic design features.

The Apple brand is known for trendsetting technology and owning an Apple cell phone has become somewhat of a status symbol.

Apple’s market penetration in the United States, Europe and Asian markets is well-documented, while little is known about Apple cell phone popularity on the African continent.

The mobile market is growing rapidly on this continent with studies showing that more household on the continent own at least one cell phone. Uptake of smartphone technology has also been rapid, with the burgeoning middle class and extension of high speed networks driving a sharp rise in smartphone use.

A brand that first introduced smartphones to many people across the continent is BlackBerry. In fact, BlackBerries are still regarded as a status symbol in many parts of Africa, despite global trends moving away from the brand.

The Samsung brand is widely known to be a major competitor with Apple across numerous markets worldwide.

In 2013, according to Financial Mail, Samsung accounted for 52,1% of all smartphones sold on the African continent in the second quarter of 2013.

These brands, along with Nokia are the biggest threats to Apple cell phone popularity in Africa.

A Mobile Africa 2015 study conducted by mobile surveying company GeoPoll and World Wide Worx surveyed 3500 mobile phone users in five of Africa’s major markets: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.

14% of South Africans, 15% of Nigerians and 16% of respondents in Ghana indicated that they would buy an Apple cell phone next.

According to Fin24, “Apple experienced healthy growth of 58% for its larger screen iPhone 6 in Africa”.

It would seem that Apple cell phone popularity in Africa is set to grow considerably, with the brand transforming the smartphone experience of many consumers on the continent.


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