Apple Desktop Pros and Cons

One of the hardest decisions that Apple fans have to make often involves the choice between getting and Apple Desktop or a laptop. Renowned for innovative products and tech solutions, Apple offers an array of desktop versions, which can compete with any desktop product on the market. 

According to MacWorld: “Apple desktops have huge screens, but Macbooks offer portability.”

Apple Desktop Pros:

This is often regarded as the most powerful Mac

There are three versions offered, namely, the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.

Screen sizes range from 21.5 inches to 27 inches.

Mac Mini users can choose any screen they like as it doesn’t come supplied with one.

An Apple study shows that large monitors provide productivity gains of between 50- 60 percent

The Apple Desktop has better processors, so it can run newer software for longer. While this extends the lifespan of the machine, the faster speed will make a lot of difference if you’re using Photoshop and 3D imaging software or video editing.

The iMac 27-inch allows you reasonable access to the RAM and hardrive.

In terms of space, the Mini has 500GB, while the entry-level iMac comes with 1TB of storage. If you’re going to edit a lot of videos, you can upgrade to an SSD (Solid Slate Drive0 hard drive.

All Apple Macs can be plugged into a separate display.

Desktops often have high-spec modes. The screens offer crystal clear quality options, so you won’t even be able to see the pixels on screen.

Apple Desktop Cons:

While the desktop has an integrated display, you’ll need a separate keyboard and mouse. These don’t come with the computer, unlike the laptop version.

You won’t be able to carry the desktop around. So if you want to use it outside or simply place it on your lap while sitting on your couch, you’ll have to give this a miss.


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