Apple iOS 9 Review

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The Apple iOS 9 has recently launched and it’s already a lot better than iOS 8, thanks to new features that make the iPhone and iPad software easier to use. Siri is smarter, Apple Maps has been improved and the notifications drop-down menu is now sorted logically. Best of all, every device that works with iOS 8 works with iOS 9.

iPads can benefit big from this year’s operating system update. New iPad multitasking functionality, especially for the iPad Air 2, finally fulfils the tablet’s promise of productivity on the go. While iOS 9 lacks some key Android features, there’s a lot to like about iOS 9 ahead of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus launch next week, and iPad Pro release date in November.

Apple iOS 9 isn’t about a fresh coat of paint like iOS 7 was, it’s about rust-proofing glitchy software that launched alongside iOS 8 last year. Everything is designed to run smoother, and it does. There are fewer app crashes and hard restarts required compared to when iOS 8 first came out. I’ve experienced no white screen of death problems so far, just occasional design flaws.

Even better, iOS 9 works with devices as old as iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Apple didn’t axe any old phones or tablets from its compatibility list in the transition to the new operating system.

It was also a relief to see that this free update is a 1.4GB file and doesn’t require the 4.7GB free ofspace to install on your tiny, 16GB devices.

The most obvious Apple iOS 9 change involves Siri and spotlight search. Sliding to the left-most menu reveals a robust list of “Siri Suggestions,” filled with your most recent contacts and apps.

It provides quick access to your four most recent contacts and four most recent apps. There’s a “show more” and “show less” toggle to increase that to the eight most recent. Sadly, you can’t unpin and disallow certain apps from showing up before your parents see you’re on Tinder.


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