Apple is Finally Giving iPhone Users Access to NFC

iPhone NFC

iPhones to get NFC update soon

Technological innovation continues to change at a rapid pace on a global scale. New devices are being introduced daily with exciting developments to make the lives of users much easier.

Near field communication is one such development. Designed to enable two electronic devices to communicate by bringing them within 4cm of each other, NFC is taking off as a secure alternative to credit cards.

How it works is that once in range, the two devices instantaneously communicate.

The number of tablets and smartphones using NFC technology is growing fast. Most of this is owing to that it can be useful for transferring data like videos, photographs and contact information.

Although this development is a relatively new addition in the Apple World, devices with NFC technology can be used to make purchases. They can also possibly be useful for boarding trains and subways faster. The days of having to worry about making sure that you leave the house with your keys, phone and wallet may soon be gone. NFC tech may mean that when going to the store you’ll only need your phone.

In addition to this, NFC updates on iPhones could mean that unlocking doors and cars will be much easier.

An NFC update on iPhones is likely to be present from the iPhone 6 model upwards. These Apple devices currently support Apple Pay, but this expansion of capabilities could even lead to the iPhone being used to pay for subway rides.

Individuals working at Apple are already using NFC technology in a way – they have been using their phones to access offices at Apple’s Headquarters. This NFC update is a more secure option.

It could also pave the way for people to use iPhones for other interactions sensitive to security.


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