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The Apple Watch OS 2 update is finally here. Just like past major Apple OS updates, the Apple Watch’s software upgrade is free.

We’ve heard about a lot of the forthcoming apps that Watch OS 2 will enable, but it seems that most still aren’t available at launch. The Facebook Messenger app for Watch will finally be able to text, send audio files and share locations right from the wrist.

GoPro will let you use the Apple Watch as a viewfinder so that no matter where your camera is mounted, you’ll always know where it’s pointed. iTranslate will let you see, hear and translate over 90 languages by speaking to your Watch. What’s more, this will apparently be a ‘complication’ for the modular Watch face that will present you with relevant phrases at the right time of day.

Since devs now have access to the smartwatch’s sensors and controls like the Taptic Engine, Digital Crown and more, we’ll get native apps as opposed to ones that are simply ported over. Native apps allow faster run time and greater app capabilities.

The Digital Crown provides functionality beyond zooming in and out. Rotating the crown lets you ‘Time Travel’ showing various events up to 72 hours into the future or past events, right on the watch face. Weather and news headlines are also other complications that Time Travel will work with.

This is set to be a big part of the Apple Watch, and if you’ve got your calendar set up perfectly it’s neat to see what appointments are coming up. But until more third-party apps offer complications for this section, we can’t say we’re enamoured.

The microphone is accessible to other apps now, which means developers will also be able to use your voice in their builds. Developers now have access to the accelerometer too, so you can expect future apps to utilise this feature. Apple demoed golf app Ping, which measured a player’s swing.



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