Apple Watch to hit retail stores

Apple Watch

One of US’ top manufacturers of electronic gadgets, Apple mentioned that it would begin selling some models of its watch at its retail stores this month. The company added that it also roll out the gadget in seven more countries.

In April 2010, the watch was on display in Apple stores. It became accessible for online pre-order and at shops including fashionable fashion boutiques in Paris, London and Tokyo.

The company had ordered its clients to order online, preventing long queues around its stores that have become a norm with the company’s rollout of new products.

Analysts believe that making the Apple Watch available for customers to purchase at an Apple retail store will compel amplified sales volumes.

The company said all orders, except one model, placed through May were shipped to customers within two weeks.

Some analysts said that the response to Apple Watch has surpassed their expectations in every way.

The company has not given any sales figures for the watch since it began taking orders, but has often said demand was outstripping supply.

The company has made momentous growth in reducing its backlog as production ramps. The company said that it will launch Apple on 26 June. The watch is currently available in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK.

Apart from online stores, customers in these countries can also buy the devices at Apple’s retail stores and some authorized resellers.

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