Apple’s Ultra-Flexible Living Hinge – Coming Soon?

Mac Ultra Hinge

Apple is a brand renowned for stylish designs and premier quality devices. The vision of its founders continues to improve and evolve with each new product introduced. Founded in 1976, Apple, which designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, often tops the list of top tech brands to invest in. Worth $495 billion, the company is renowned for pioneering a range of sleek, seamless technological gadgets as well as for transforming the cellular industry with the introduction of the iPhone.

The latest design technology introduced is a new kind of hinge design for devices.

Using this hinge means that the MacBook laptop can be used in a tablet-like mode. This means that the display can be removed from the hinge.

Created from a single rigid material, the living hinge has undoubtedly made the manufacturing process much easier for Apple.

Apple has been optimising the hinge design since 2013. As opposed to Apple’s usual style of creating slimmer designs –something that’s become a signature feature – this bulky design bucks the trend.

Some people might compare this to Microsoft’s Surface. Rumours of the latter device began all the way back in 2015. While the Microsoft device is reportedly set to feature a design that makes for double the screen size, Apple’s ultra-flexible living hinge seem set to make it easier to detach the display.

The updated patent reads: “the flexible portion may allow the rigid material to be folded in half and thus acts as a clamshell”.

Users will be able to enjoy using their Macbooks with the freedom to detach the displays whenever needed. This isn’t only convenient, but it could also save some space when travelling.

Apple’s ultra-flexible living hinge is set to add yet another notch to the Silicon Valley company’s brand of innovation.


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