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Nedbank Credit card

Retail banking refers to the division of a bank that deals directly with retail customers. Also known as consumer banking or personal banking, retail banking is the visible face of banking to the general public. Retail banking encompasses a wide variety of products and services which includes credit cards. It is this area of business that South Africa’s premier banking-house Nedbank has tried to exploit.

Nedbank offers a variety of credit cards which are assisting many people to become financially savvy. This banks credit card bouquet is divided into diverse categories such as Nedbank Credit Cards, Nedbank Credit Cards with Rewards, Nedbank Affinity Credit Cards, American Express Cards, Co-Branded Cards and Rewards.

Nedbank Credit Cards offers simple,convenient value to clients with options such as the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card, Nedbank Gold Credit Card, Nedbank Classic Credit Card and Dezign Student Credit Card.Very close to this is the Nedbank Credit Cards with Rewards which has twice the rewards with Nedbank Greenbacks Credit Card and Nedbank Small Business Credit card.

The Nedbank Affinity Credit Cards offer users an opportunity to support a good cause at no cost but by virtue of adding to customer numbers. Credit card options offered here are Childrens Affinity Credit Card, Arts Affinity Credit Card, Sport Affinity Credit Card and Green Affinity Credit Card.

Nedbank also offers American Express Cards such as the Platinum Card, American Express Gold Card, American Express Platinum Credit Card and American Express Gold Credit Card.

Co-Branded Cards include SAA Voyager Credit Cards and Go Banking Credit Card.Rewards cards offer Nedbank Greenbacks Rewards Programme and SAA Voyager Programme.

Nedbank can be contacted on 0860555111.


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