Must have Apps for varsity students

Apps for university students

Student life can be a very exciting time but also very demanding. In many instances, it’s a balancing act between commitment towards school work and the need to socialise with friends. Technology has however made it easier to execute this balancing act. Below are some Apps specifically designed to cater for student needs.

Mint -This is a free web based personal financial management service which can assist you to manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score.

Clear – Clear is the revolutionary to do and reminders app that helps you to be more productive. It’s as easy to use as pen and paper.

Venmo – You can link your bank account to this App, so that you and your friends can pay one another back without having to deal with the hassle of cash.

Wolfram|Alpha – Wolfram|Alpha is a “computational engine” to cater for your actual search queries. Scientific, mathematical, socio-economic, biographical, cultural and linguistic data is curated by the software rather than algorithms used by Google or Big and turns general English queries into algebra, calculus, physics and engineering algorithms.

Chegg -This is a perfect option when you don’t have money to buy a book, you can use it to rent a textbook and save money.

Numbers – Numbers application contains the usual functions of spreadsheet software including the ability to imput data, create tables, charts, graphics and to install photos. A useful feature is a connection to iCloud so that you can keep important documents up to date across all your devices.

Evernote – You can capture notes such as texts, photos or full pages before storing data in your Evernote folder just by firing up the app and choosing to create a new note. If you are in a lecture, this feature is a handy way to quickly grab and then digitally organise your notes in preparation for exams and essays.

TextGrabber – By using your mobile device to scan or take a picture of the text, the app can then translate the language into your native language where the results can then be viewed, shared via email and SMS, or posted directly to a social media account or EverNote.


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