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Do you have an urgent short term financial emergency to attend to? Has the latest fuel price hike taken its toll on your budget for the month?  Do you have an unexpected medical bill to pay for? Maybe you’ve approached your bank for a loan and have been turned down because of poor credit. Where can you turn to?

Aprofin Loans may be just the right lender for you.

Aprofin is a South African micro finance company that provides personal and business loans in a fast, efficient and convenient way. As a National Credit Regulator-registered institution, Aprofin strives to ensure responsible lending practices.

As a short term loan provider, Aprofin offers loans of up to R10 000 with favourable repayment terms that can be tailored around your budget and affordability.

Individuals are offered repayments terms of up to 12 months.

What services does Aprofin Loans offer?

Payday Loans are offered of between R700 and R4000.

These types of loans are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, with more individuals relying on them to help see them through to the end of the month. Paying for medical bills, school fees or home renovations can be much simpler with the help of a payday loan from Aprofin Loans.

Another factor that makes these loans more popular is that of speed. Most micro lending institutions that offer payday loans provide fast approval rates.

In addition, qualifying criteria are less stringent than those of traditional lending institutions like banks.

Aprofin also offers assistance for blacklisted individuals who can prove affordability. The lender understands the pressures that come with needing fast access to cash for financial emergencies.

Applying for Aprofin Loans is simple. Well-trained consultants are ready to assist with loan solutions designed to suit your individual needs.

To contact Aprofin Loans, call: 012 546 5747

You can also send an email to apply@aprofin.co.za


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