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Financial Peace of Mind with Nedbank Value Added Products Insurance

NedBank For Value Added Items

Nedbank offers its clients extra products for better financial peace of mind in the form of Nedbank Value Added Products insurance.

Designed to make your life a little bit easier, this insurance helps you take better care of your vehicle, and also helps you protect your wallet.

More about Nedbank Value Added Products Insurance

Get Comprehensive Cover Through Nedbank Premier Funeral Plan Insurance

NedBank loved ones

Having funeral insurance is vital nowadays. With the rising cost of living, the cost of death has also become much higher. The costs that come with arranging a funeral are often quite high and this can be a financial strain to family members who are left behind.

In South Africa, financial institutions such as banks offer a range of funeral insurance products that are designed to meet unique needs.

Nedbank offers a number of funeral plan insurance options, such as the Nedbank Premier Funeral Plan Insurance package.

Get Suitable Cover Through the Nedbank Funeral Insurance Plan

NedBank Funeral

It is estimated that around 23.4 million people or 64% of the population in South Africa have some form of funeral cover in their name or is covered by someone else.

According to Tembisa Marele, communications at the Financial Services Board, funeral insurance contributed R4.9 billion to the income of the long-term insurance industry. This shows that more people are saving for funeral costs, where even a basic funeral in South Africa can set you back as much as R30 000.

Protect Your Possessions with Nedbank Home Contents Insurance

NedBank Home Content

This type of insurance cover is designed for the protection of your possessions in the event that they are stolen or damaged. If you’re a victim of theft, fire or flood damage, having to replace all that you own adds insult to injury.

As a general rule, your contents are the things that could be taken with you if you decided to move house.

Get Personalised Cover with Nedbank Buildings Insurance

NedBank Insurance

Having buildings insurance can help cover the repair of your home and can replace items of value if unexpected events occur.

You are protected from facing financial ruin.

You are protected from lawsuits that could arise as a result of unexpected events.

Buildings insurance is a form of insurance that covers your home in the event of an event such as a fire, flood or storm and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Simple Solutions Offered by the Investec Home Loan

Investec Home Loans

Buying property is an investment. With the cost of living constantly rising, more individuals are concerned about how they will be able to buy their own homes.

Depending on credit profiles and affordability, individuals may be considered for funding. Traditional financial institutions are usually quite strict when granting home loans. This may leave rejected individuals feeling despondent and hopeless. There are other solutions available however. Various lenders have solutions which can be tailored to suit individual financial needs. Investec Home Loans has the aim to make home loans easily accessible.

Unique Business Ideas That Made Millions In South Africa

uniquw bussiness idees

Starting a business is challenging venture to undertake. This is why it becomes even more special when the business that you start goes on to amass millions in revenue.

South Africa has a number of innovative business minds who have developed successful businesses that have gone on to generate millions in revenue. From South African-born tech guru Elon Musk, who co-founded PayPal, to Stephen Saad, who has an estimated net-worth of $2.1 Billion, South Africa has a growing number of success stories.

How to Start a Small Business in South Africa Without Money

start bussiness no money

Starting a business is a challenging venture any way you look at it. The most common challenge faced by entrepreneurs is start-up capital.

Can you start a small business in South Africa without money?

Yes, you can. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it is possible. You first need to start with what you have. You need to learn to work with what you already have.

Consider your skills, experience and knowledge. Think of the resources you already have and think of ways you could maximise on them to start a small business in South Africa without money. It’s important to use the skills you can leverage and the connections at your disposal.

Ways to Find The Best Third Party Claims Attorneys

beat thisrd party claims

Insurance claims can be tricky, especially without all the right information. For instance, not every accident results in a third party claim. If you are however not at fault for your car accident and have been seriously hurt, you may have a claim against the one responsible for the crash.

In order to claim, you must be able to prove the extent of the loss you suffered as a result of the incident.

This is when it becomes vital that you find the best third party claims attorneys.

A Simple Guide to Road Accident Fund Lawyers’ Fees

guide to third party claims

The Road Accident Fund is responsible for providing appropriate cover to all road users within the borders of South Africa; rehabilitating and compensating persons injured as a result of motor vehicles.

Claims must be accompanied by:

  • Full particulars of the accident
  • Statements of witnesses
  • Police reports
  • Hospital and medical records
  • Vouchers and documents in support of documents claimed
  • RAF will then determine whether the claim is valid or not

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