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Unable to Budget? Here are some of the Best Budgeting Apps for Your Iphone

Iphone Apps

You can learn to stick to a budget, and even save for something special — if you have the right iPhone app!

Keeping track of your expenses is only part of staying within a budget. You also need to keep an eye on how close you are to your limits. Personal finance apps are great for getting an overview of what you spend each month, but budgeting apps can help you save. Here’s a list of our favorites.

With HomeBudget, you can manually input your income and expenses, including which ones are recurring and which ones just came up this month. Plan ahead by entering a maximum amount of money you want or need to spend on specific categories, like car payments and going out to dinner. Then, see how close you are to going over budget with the graphic overview.

HomeBudget also has an extra special feature: It lets you sync your budget with others. So, the person (or people) you share household finances with can include their income and expenses and you can work together to stick to your budget.

If you want to work together with members of your household to budget and plan for the future, HomeBudget is for you.

Planning a budget is one thing, but understanding why you need a budget is another. YNAB does more than just help you live within your means: it helps you evaluate your lifestyle and decide which purchases are the most important on any given day. The idea is that every dollar needs a “job.” So, you are asked to manually allocate every bit of your income to some budget plan, even if it is “Stuff I Forgot to Budget For.”

Finances are divided by what is budgeted for, what was actually spent, and what you have leftover at the end of the month. As you work within your budget, you’ll see that extra income roll over to the next month, which you can start adding to your goal fund to go on vacation or buy a new car.

If you are the type of person that never seems to have enough money at the end of the month, give YNAB a try. You’ll need to register online before using the app.

Why is Cellphone Insurance Important?

Importance of Cell Phone Insurance

Replacing a stolen, lost or damaged cellphone can be a big financial setback. Despite this, for many people, cellphone insurance is often a grudge purchase.

There is no doubt that having cellphone insurance is an important way for individuals to protect themselves financially in the event that their cellphone is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair. If you have a smartphone, which generally can be quite expensive, having cellphone insurance can provide you with the cover you need.

The good news is that most mobile service providers offer cellphone insurance which is often sold as either a stand-alone policy or as part of a personal lines policy. It’s important to compare the various offers available in order to make sure that you get the right type of cellphone insurance for your unique individual needs.
Stand-alone policies generally include an excess, whereas most all-risks policies will be excess-free.

Cover is provided on an individual basis- typically when a cellphone is purchased.
In terms of cellphone insurance, the sum insured is generally based on the replacement value of the phone and can include the cost of a memory card.
Stand-alone policy premiums are based on the value of your phone.

It’s important to keep in mind that cellphone insurance should not be bought based on price alone. You need to compare what the product covers and what is excluded.
Even more important is paying attention to what your cellphone insurance policy says.
An easy way of making sure that you prioritise cellphone insurance is by upgrading your cellphone insurance when you upgrade your phone.

If you are business owner and you have cellphones used for business purposes, you need to make sure that you get cellphone insurance as a way of protecting the business from financial ruin in case the phones are lost, stolen or damaged. This can also help to ensure that you maintain contact with your clients and that you don’t experience any down-time.

How to Pay off your Credit Card Debt

Paid off credit card debt

Paying off your credit card debt can be very challenging if you don’t have strategies that can help you get rid of the debt.

Below are some of the ways that can help you getting out of – or reducing – your credit card debt:

  • Budget to pay a set amount every month.

As your debts decrease, the minimum amount you are required to repay reduces. This just drags the agony on for years – and is a psychological temptation to spend on the card. Take your most recent repayment and set that as the amount you will pay, without fail, every month until the debt has all gone. You’ll be amazed at how fast it reduces.

  • Raise your repayment

If you have any loose in your monthly budget, raise your monthly repayment just a little for an even quicker route to being debt-free.

  • Hide your card/s

Don’t take the card out with you; put it in a drawer or the safe at home and leave it there.

  • Prioritise repayment

If you have more than one card, the total debt can look intimidating. Instead of trying to deal with it all at once, start by focusing on the card with the lowest debt.

Bump up the repayments on that one, and don’t use it at all; you’ll feel great.

  • Use your savings

If you have any savings accounts, you’d be better off using the money which is costing you in interest. But don’t touch savings you’ll need to live on – like retirement annuities. You can also use any other extra cash that comes your way: bonuses or gifts, for example.

And look around your home to see if you have anything you could easily sell on a site like OLX: the bicycle or treadmill you never use could boost your financial health.

Understanding the 6 Principles of Motor Insurance

6 Tps for Motor Insurance

A motor insurance plan is there to provide the insured financial security and protection from any future uncertainties. Knowing these six principles in motor insurance should help you to understand your car insurance contract in that regard.

The principle of Utmost Good faith

The person being insured and the insurer have an obligation to each other. When you take out a policy, you’ve an obligation to be truthful with your agent about the value of what you’re insuring and the risks of losing or damaging it. Your agent then has an obligation to tell you any restrictions or rules that might reduce the value of your coverage.

The Principle of Indemnity

Insured must never ever try to misuse their safe financial cover. The insured is placed after loss, as far as possible, in the same position as they were immediately before the loss. By seeking profit opportunities or reporting false occurrences violates the terms and conditions of an insurance contract. This breaks trust, results in breaching of a contract and invites legal penalties.

Principle of Insurable Interest

It’s a duty of the insurer to accept and approve all genuine insurance claims made, as early as possible without any further delays and annoying hindrances. And as long as the person who’s getting insured has ownership of what’s to be insured, such as their vehicle.

Principle of Proximate Cause

Sometimes your car insurance protects against some perils and types of damage but not others. Let’s say your car is caught in a flood, for instance, and your car insurance protects against wind damage but not flooding. If the proximate or primary cause of damage was floodwater, your insurer will refuse to pay. If you prove the proximate cause of the damage was the wind, you can collect.

The Principle of Subrogation

Is the transfer of rights from the insured to the insurer when the loss or damage to the vehicle is caused by the negligence of another person. Insurers exercise the right to cover the loss from the person responsible. Under common law subrogation operates only after the claim is paid and gives the insurer a way to recoup its losses.

The Principle of Contribution

Arises when there’s double insurance, that’s, when the same vehicle is insured under two policies. According to policy condition the loss is shared pro-rata between the two insurers.



Android Offers Bitcoin Games

Android Games

Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire is an idle clicker that’s all about raking in bitcoins and building up a massive fortune! You start with almost nothing: a run-down office, a rickety old desk, a crummy computer. By tapping the screen you can mine virtual bitcoins and slowly increase your wealth. Spend digital dough to upgrade that awful furniture into swanky things like entertainment centers and priceless works of art. If you’re smart (which, you are!), you’ll spend some of that money on investments to help you earn while you’re away. And don’t worry, investments aren’t as boring as in real life. How could robot butlers, virtual reality, and holographic dating be anything but awesome?
There’s also time travel. When your tapping skills reach a critical point, you can actually rip through the fabric of space and time, jumping to a new era where you’ll earn all new upgrades, unlock new achievements, and experience the thrills of bitcoin mining from a whole new perspective. If you thought tapping was fun in a comfy modern day office chair, just wait ’til you park your posterior in a finely crafted stone seat from prehistoric times!


– Supremely satisfying bitcoin tapping action!
– Upgrade investments to earn bitcoins while offline.
– Grab bonuses from special delivery drones.
– Customize your character to mine in style.
– Unlock achievements by being awesome.
– Adopt a or something else, maybe!

Free Bitcoin

This is the highest paying free bitcoin app available, giving away up to 250.000 Satoshi in a single claim every hour, and up to 1.000.000 on the weekend.
It’s really simple to use – just enter your bitcoin wallet address (or if you haven’t got one we show you how to make one quickly) and press a button and well give you your first free bitcoins.

iPhone’s 8 Screen with Face Unlock Confirmed

iPhoine 8 New Features

Details discovered by developers in firmware for Apple’s HomePod speaker show in-development iPhone with IR face unlocking and bezel-less design

The next version of Apple’s iPhone will have infrared-based facial recognition unlocking – eliminating need for a passcode or fingerprint – and will have an almost all-screen design on the front, say developers digging into the pre-release of firmware distributed by Apple.

The firmware for the upcoming HomePod smart speaker, which is due for release at the end of the year, was pushed out via Apple’s developer system last week. It was found to contain references to other devices in its code, including the next version of the iPhone. It is unclear whether the HomePod firmware was distributed intentionally for developers to start building systems to interact with the speaker ahead of release or leaked by accident by Apple.

The code references a device codenamed “D22”, which developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo say is the next big revision of the iPhone, which may or may not be called the “iPhone 8”, “iPhone X” or “iPhone 10” and is expected to be announced as soon as September but potentially not released until the end of the year or later.

The developers say that Apple’s code name for the face recognition feature is “Pearl ID” and that there are references to it throughout the HomePod firmware, which contains much of the next version of iOS 11 due to be released later this year.

Further probing of the firmware found an icon used to represent the D22 device, which shows a smartphone without Apple’s traditional home button and a screen that almost entirely fills the front of the device with only a cut out at the top for the front-facing camera, sensors and speaker.

Trying to pin down the precise features of the next iPhone has been difficult of late. We’re all expecting a standard “S” model iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that won’t be radically different from last year’s, but we’re also expecting a high-end model. It appears, based on a tweet from developer Steve Troughton-Smith, that at least one of those models will have face unlock. And the high-end model (alternately referred to as the “iPhone Pro,” “iPhone 8,” or even “iPhone X”) will have a bezel-less screen that wraps around the speaker and cameras at the top.

Troughton-Smith and other developers have been spending the past day examining the code inside the Apple HomePod, which pretty much contains most of the codebase for iPhones inside it. Apple accidentally pushed the firmware for the HomePod out yesterday, and a bunch of developers grabbed it. From that code, we’ve learned a bit about how the LED lights on the top may work, but it also is giving us an opportunity to learn about what might be coming to the next iPhones. To wit:

There are a bunch of lines of code for “BKFaceDetect” here, where the “BK” probably refers to “Biometric Kit.” Apple loves using the word “Kit” for its developer tools, you see. There’s also references to an infrared camera, which would be used to detect your face, even in the dark. Bloomberg reported that Apple would use an infrared camera for 3D face scanning earlier this month, but we don’t know whether it will come to all of upcoming iPhones.

5 Top Freelancing Skills Wanted in 2017 – Making Extra Money

Freelance 2017

Most South Africans have resorted to freelancing and some consider it paying compared to full employment. Gone are the days of the notion that freelancing is synonymous with unemployment. Flexibility associated with freelancing is being embraced in working environments around the world.

The demand for freelancing comes from a prioritisation of lifestyle development over traditional career advancement, and is evidenced in trends such as freelance workers, co-working spaces2 and telecommuting.3

Below are some of the five top freelancing jobs in South Africa:

How to build websites

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three core languages involved in creating anything on the internet. Simply put, if someone wants to build a website, they need to be familiar with these three technologies. The opportunities this kind of demand opens up are colossal. If you possess the necessary talents required to create websites for clients, you have the chance to build an extensive freelance customer base in no time. Being able to build a website is one thing, but it’s an entirely different art to make sure that a user is able to pleasantly interact with your website. This is where user experience design (UX) comes in.

How to take high quality, original photographs that will land you jobs

Digital photography and a sound knowledge of Photoshop can unlock the full potential of your camera to deliver professional and contextually relevant images with every shot. With 67,000 photos uploaded every minute to Instagram alone, there’s a great deal of visual noise to cut through. It’s a constant challenge to create images that are both memorable and brand specific

How to market through compelling written content

Content creation is fast becoming the only way to market to a world that is jaded by traditional advertising. And writing is the most effective way to create this content. Consumers are bored of relentlessly being sold “stuff”, with 74% of Generation Z and Millennials tired of being social ad targets.9 Content marketing takes the selling process down a different, less pushy road. It provides people with valuable information they need, steadily nurturing the relationship between them and a brand.

Being able to successfully market a brand or product without making people feel like they’re being marketed to takes a certain amount of finesse. Having these skills in your repertoire will enable you to stand out in any freelance space.

How to optimise a website to appear higher in search results

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is necessary to ensure that a website ranks as high as possible on the list of a search engine’s results page. Almost nobody goes to the second page of Google’s search results, with 91.5% of clicks coming from the first page, and 32.5% of traffic going to the first result.10 If a business wants their online content to get noticed by consumers they need to ensure their website is correctly optimised for search. And practicing unethical SEO techniques will lead to a site getting blacklisted by search engines.

How Inflation Affects You – The Impacts on Your Finances

Beating Inflation

For many people, trying to understand how the economy works can be complex and confusing. Hearing terms such as gross domestic product, consumer price index or the now infamous “junk status” can be challenging for many people, without having a basic understanding of how these factors affect them personally on a day-to-day basis.

An important economic factor to understand is inflation.

Simple Guide to the Get Savvi Care Plan Plus Medical Plan

Savvi Medical

Statistics have shown that the majority of South Africans cannot afford medical aid. The rising cost of living is challenging enough, while unexpected illnesses and costs are inevitable. For many South Africans, this means that they have to either rely on the public hospital system or they can try to find an alternative solution.

Which Are The Most Expensive Travel Days for South Africans?

Expensive Travel Days

For many South Africans looking to travel across the country, there are a range of factors to consider. In addition to accommodation, fuel costs or flight costs, food and refreshments, some of the most expensive travel days for South Africans are also important to consider.

According to recent research, the most expensive travel days for South Africans to fly are during the Easter Period in April.

The Easter holidays in South Africa have recently come under quite a bit of scrutiny. In terms of the effect of the Christian holidays during the month of April on the South African economy, many businesses have lost out on valuable working hours.

During the Easter period when public schools have closed, many families choose to travel during the long weekend. Some families also make religious pilgrimage trips during this time, leading to congestion on the roads.

Businesses in the tourism sector experience booms during these periods however, when many South Africans may choose to travel.  The Two Oceans Half Marathon which takes place during the Easter weekend is also a contributing factor towards this trend.

Cape Town continues to be the most popular city for locals to travel to.

On average, it costs just over R1000 per day when going on holiday. This includes accommodation, food, transport and activities. These costs may double or even triple on the most expensive travel days for South Africans. Congestion on the roads for instance could lead to more money spent on fuel, while some businesses may charge peak rates as demand soars during this period.  This has a ripple effect on accommodation prices, and even the price of certain activities at particular resorts.

Before making a trip across the country, it’s important for individuals to budget ahead of time.

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