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New Phones in South Africa in 2018 – Cellphones Galore

Hauwaei cell

Smartphone technology and dynamic software have transformed the ways in which people communicate. With every new device introduced consumers have access to a wide array of options in terms of communicating and embracing new technology.

New phones in South Africa in 2018 offer impressive high-end performance, reliability and exciting new features.

Although South Africa has experienced a palpable decline in sales, new smartphones have entered the fray. In the South African market, price is an important factor, with devices within the R2000 region dominating sales.

New Nokia Smartphones

HMD Global announced models to be made available in South Africa, such as the Nokia 6, Nokia Sirocco and the Nokia 7 Plus.

The latest models are setting new standards and benchmarks in terms of design. They have also successfully maintained, if not improved the reliability Nokia has been renowned for. The devices are also still durable.

One of the main benefits is that battery life is quite stable, mainly owing to the fact that there are no hidden processes.

The device has a curved glass finish, and it has a stainless-steel frame. It also features ZEISS optics and also comes with pre-installed Google Services apps. The phone is expected to be available for R12999 on prepaid.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is one of the new phones in South Africa in 2018 that is set to remind cell phone users of what made Nokia so popular in the first place.

Huawei P20 Series

Chinese company Huawei launched the P20 Series in South Africa with the aim to increase market share in the South African smartphone market.

With a rounded body, the P20 has a 5.8 inch screen and 128GB of on-board memory. Featuring 4GB of RAM, it delivers high-end performance and has no external memory card slot. As a premium phone, it also comes with a fingerprint reader on the front of the device. Huawei decided against a removable battery, while the device features a good camera, which takes impressive low light images.

New phones in South Africa in 2018 are set to offer consumers a range of new features and innovative technology.

HTC U12 Plus Highlights Coming to SA

htc u 12 pro

Leaked information about the latest flagship from Taiwanese brand HTC points to quite a few exciting features. While it’s becoming much harder for smartphone manufacturers to stand out in the sea of devices produced annually, the HTC U12 Plus does have a few unique features, making it stand out from the rest.

There is no doubt that Apple and Samsung have been the rock stars of the smartphone world for a while. Despite this, other brands continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovative designs. One such brand is HTC.

One thing that is sure to stand out when it comes to the HTC U12 Plus is the Liquid Surface Design. The latest trend among smartphone technology is the bezel-less device. Even though the HTC U12 Plus doesn’t quite achieve this, its eye-catching liquid surface design makes up for it.  The cases have glass backs that change colour according to the angle at which the phone is held. The translucent blue version lets you see the electronics below, while the red edition turns gold in the right light.

More highlights offered by the HTC U12 Plus

The dual lens camera with a bokeh and a pro mode is a highlight offered by the device. The two front facing cameras are not new, but are still unusual. The 2 x optical zoom option also makes it fun to use the camera.

Edge Sense makes it easy to activate features on the phone. Users just have to squeeze the sides of the phone to activate features. A simple double tap on the edge of the phone provides a new way to interact. Even better is that it won’t keep changing orientation when users are holding it in their hands – this is where the sense feature comes in quite handy.

Along with leaked information about features such as the 6 inch 1440 x 2880 Super LCD 6 screen with HDR 10 support, the 6GB RAM and 3500mAh battery and the 6GB or 124GB storage options, the HTC U12 Plus also has a nifty Face Unlock feature. Fingerprint scanner technology remains popular, but trends seem to be shifting towards the former, with the HTC U12 Plus leading the pack.

RED Hydrogen One – Introducing a New High-End Smartphone Range

Red Hydrogen One Mobile

RED was originally founded on the premise to build the world’s best cameras. The company initiated the birth of digital cinema on a modern scale back in 2007 with the introduction of the first RED ONE camera.

Renowned as a producer of high-end cinema cameras, the RED Hydrogen One is the company’s first attempt at venturing into production of smart devices.

Something unique offered by the device is the display that is built for delivering a 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses.

Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, the device runs Android and comes with a 4500mAh battery.

In recent months, smartphone manufacturers have begun to focus on building bezel-less designs. The RED Hydrogen One is somewhat unique, with its grey and red colour scheme. Although it is quite easy to hold, the phone is quite heavy.

The 5.7 inch screen has a 4V display, which means that images pop off the screen.

Because RED is mainly known for producing the best cinema cameras, the expectation with this device is a mind-blowing camera. The reality is that it could pioneer better smartphone photography. For instance, there might be the option to use professional lenses with the device – which could explain its unique design. It’s essentially a modular phone, which may mean that users can attach other lenses.

Videographers will love this phone too. Its spatial sound features mean that the audio recorded sounds close to reality. The level of immersion for what you’re watching is multiplied when sound is paired with the 3D display.

With these exciting display developments, some people have been wondering where content will come from. The main challenge faced by RED is that content has to support the 3D display, which is why the company is launching a content platform for downloading movies and TV shows.

The RED Hydrogen One is a breath of fresh air. Time will tell how successful the modular device is in the market.

Check out this prototype review on Youtube.

Apple’s Ultra-Flexible Living Hinge – Coming Soon?

Mac Ultra Hinge

Apple is a brand renowned for stylish designs and premier quality devices. The vision of its founders continues to improve and evolve with each new product introduced. Founded in 1976, Apple, which designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, often tops the list of top tech brands to invest in. Worth $495 billion, the company is renowned for pioneering a range of sleek, seamless technological gadgets as well as for transforming the cellular industry with the introduction of the iPhone.

The latest design technology introduced is a new kind of hinge design for devices.

Using this hinge means that the MacBook laptop can be used in a tablet-like mode. This means that the display can be removed from the hinge.

Created from a single rigid material, the living hinge has undoubtedly made the manufacturing process much easier for Apple.

Apple has been optimising the hinge design since 2013. As opposed to Apple’s usual style of creating slimmer designs –something that’s become a signature feature – this bulky design bucks the trend.

Some people might compare this to Microsoft’s Surface. Rumours of the latter device began all the way back in 2015. While the Microsoft device is reportedly set to feature a design that makes for double the screen size, Apple’s ultra-flexible living hinge seem set to make it easier to detach the display.

The updated patent reads: “the flexible portion may allow the rigid material to be folded in half and thus acts as a clamshell”.

Users will be able to enjoy using their Macbooks with the freedom to detach the displays whenever needed. This isn’t only convenient, but it could also save some space when travelling.

Apple’s ultra-flexible living hinge is set to add yet another notch to the Silicon Valley company’s brand of innovation.

Apple is Finally Giving iPhone Users Access to NFC

iPhone NFC

iPhones to get NFC update soon

Technological innovation continues to change at a rapid pace on a global scale. New devices are being introduced daily with exciting developments to make the lives of users much easier.

Near field communication is one such development. Designed to enable two electronic devices to communicate by bringing them within 4cm of each other, NFC is taking off as a secure alternative to credit cards.

How it works is that once in range, the two devices instantaneously communicate.

The number of tablets and smartphones using NFC technology is growing fast. Most of this is owing to that it can be useful for transferring data like videos, photographs and contact information.

Although this development is a relatively new addition in the Apple World, devices with NFC technology can be used to make purchases. They can also possibly be useful for boarding trains and subways faster. The days of having to worry about making sure that you leave the house with your keys, phone and wallet may soon be gone. NFC tech may mean that when going to the store you’ll only need your phone.

In addition to this, NFC updates on iPhones could mean that unlocking doors and cars will be much easier.

An NFC update on iPhones is likely to be present from the iPhone 6 model upwards. These Apple devices currently support Apple Pay, but this expansion of capabilities could even lead to the iPhone being used to pay for subway rides.

Individuals working at Apple are already using NFC technology in a way – they have been using their phones to access offices at Apple’s Headquarters. This NFC update is a more secure option.

It could also pave the way for people to use iPhones for other interactions sensitive to security.

Xiaomi Mi Mix – All Display All the Time

Mi Mix Mobile Phone

Xiaomi Mi Mix Review

Even though it will only be sold in China, the Xiaomi Mi Mix has generated quite a bit of buzz in recent months worldwide. As smartphones become increasingly challenging to improve upon, the team at Xiaomi has demonstrated the exact opposite.

One of the most unique factors of the phone is its huge display, which ultimately means that the phone is essentially almost bezel-less.

Close in height to the iPhone 7 Plus, the ceramic-made Xiaomi Mi Mix can be quite difficult to hold comfortably. Featuring carefully-rounded corners and far edges, the phone has a stunning design, despite it being quite fingerprint prone.

The camera had to be removed from the top, along with the speakers. The camera can now be found at the bottom – something which makes taking selfies tricky – unless you get creative with the direction the phone is held.

Someone this particular design feature can be attributed to is Philippe Starck, the French designer, who also was the name behind the design of Steve Jobs’ yacht, “Venus”.

In terms of screen resolution, the device is disappointing. Its screen pales compared to the 4K phones flooding the smartphone market. More saturation makes everything on screen look more vibrant. Unfortunately, it lacks the cool new technology like the iPhone 8’s screen face unlock feature.

Navigating the large screen can be easier with QuickBall, which is a toggle that can be added at the bottom or anywhere users choose. Another benefit of the Xiaomi Mi Mix is that it comes with a reading mode that reduces glare.

A unique factor about the phone with its large screen, is that when using the camera, the entire screen can become the view finder.

The camera doesn’t entirely disappoint, even though the photos do lack sharpness and crispness.

Gamers won’t be disappointed with this device. The combination of 4GB of RAM and Snapdragon 821 means that it can only perform beautifully when gaming. The user interface is also great. Storage options range between 128GB and 256GB – which makes sense because there is no micro SD slot.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is an impressive device, bringing even more excitement into the world of smartphones.

Peer-to-Peer Lending for Small Business – The Holy Grail?

Peer to peer lending

Ever being to or taken part in a Stokvel well that’s essentially what Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending is about where friends or those who you associated with lend money to each other. Once you’ve the money it’s yours to use as how you please as an individual.

With P2P Lending for small business the person who’s loaning you the money towards your business is not offering a loan to your business. But rather to you the individual to use as you see fit for your business.

P2P Lending involves borrowing money from your peers; including other businesspeople and investors who are interested in relatively small financing amounts. This type of lending developed during a period of time when the recessionary environment essentially killed all loan opportunities for small businesses.

But note that P2P Lending is not online lending which refers to credit providers offering their services online. But as with so many other areas of modern day life, technological developments and the age of social media have led to the birth of a new industry.

Therefore P2P provides an online platform which puts people who wish to borrow money in contact with people who have money to lend. This effectively cuts out the middle man or credit provider.

With P2P lending other consumers provide the capital which is lent to those requiring a loan. Consumers can act as both lenders and borrowers proving not only an opportunity to acquire a loan, but also to invest money as one would do on the stock market.

Although not so popular here in South Africa P2P is eagerly pursued or sought after in America and United Kingdom. This is due to its ability to meet the needs of both lenders and borrowers alike. For lenders the typical interest they receive on the money invested/loaned is better than what they may receive from a savings account. Just as, for borrowers the interest is often still less than what they’d pay if lending from a mainstream credit provider.

3 Unique Slot Machine Games You Need to Play Online

Slots Online

A Tradition

In the gambling world, there are few games as iconic or symbolic as the slot machine. It is somewhat of a tradition in the gambling world to play slots. That is because slots are very easy to play and understand, so it has become a kind of initiation into the casino world for new gamblers to take their first spin.

With the combination of this tradition and emerging technology, there are now hundreds of different variations of slot machines out there, each more fun and unique than the last, proving that human ingenuity and creativity seems to have no limitations. That is why we put together a list of seven of some of the most unique and fun slot machine games out there currently.

The Tempting Three

The trend for the digital age is, I want it faster, and better. If you can improve it, people want it. That is what has prompted game makers to design hundreds of different variations on the classic slot machines game. Here are a few of our favorites:

NRVNA – A slot machine game inspired by another great gaming hit, Starburst, NRVNA is a game for those who love eye candy. While there is a lack of any continuity or storyline, the futuristic neon aesthetic and relaxing mood of the game makes this a favorite for many.

Castle Builder ll – This fun game has a very interactive kind of storyline and goal that makes it very unique for slots. It is a bit of an RPG in the sense that there is progression in the game, and multiple levels that give players a sense of accomplishment. The goal of the game is to build the most expensive castle possible for your daughter’s new spouse, and it is easy to spend hours on this game and not even realize it.

Dragon’s Myth – For fans of the medieval age, Dragon’s Myth is a fun, story filled adventure of a slot game. The goal is to capture as many dragons as you can, and of course get their treasure too. Upon catching four dragons you even get a free spin bonus. There are a lot of great slot games out there that are as entertaining as they are profitable. Another nice thing about online gambling is that many sites offer no deposit free spins, so playing is easy on the eyes and the pocket book.

Impressing the Tech Industry

The creativity of these slots game makers have been so good that it is even starting to garner the attention of big players in Silicon Valley. The tech giants that run today’s digital world are looking at the humble slots game and seeing how many people are engaged by these games and they are looking for a way to cash in.

You know you are doing things right when you have Silicon Valley execs sitting around and wondering how you do what you do. With more and more innovation, there has never been a better time to play some slots.

Brick and Mortar vs Online Casinos – The Game is ON

Win Online

A New Trend

Lately there has been a new trend that is gathering a lot of steam behind it and making a big impact on the gambling world. What is it you ask? Two words, online casinos. While brick and mortar casinos certainly still see their fair share of the gambling market, increasingly they are losing out on some of their business due to the convenience and often fee free setups of online casinos.

Online casinos, also known as virtual casinos, can cater to a much larger audience, as it is very easy to access. This has drawn in not only old gamblers looking to cash in on a new frontier, but new gamblers who may have never visited a brick and mortar casino for anything short of their best friend’s bachelor party.

Some Controversy

The rise of the online casino has sparked a surprising amount of debate and controversy in the gambling world. That is because there are many who perceive online gambling as a potential threat to their overall profit margins. In fact, there seems to have been a lot of tension between burgeoning online gambling casinos and established brick and mortar ones.

There was even a coalition launched, and a six figure advertising campaign initiated that illustrated the “dangers” of gambling online. That being said, there are also many established casinos that welcome the change, and are hoping to be more involved with the new market. So it seems there is a big split in the gambling community as to whether online gambling is good or bad for the scene.

Take a Look

While the producers have yet to make a decision as to whether online gambling is a good thing, on the consumer side, online gambling is one of the fastest growing industries out there as explained in this article: www.bizvibe.com/blog/fastest-growing-industries-in-south-africa. It is also exciting to see so many new and old gamblers alike get on the virtual scene.

With fee free gambling and thousands of games right at the tips of your fingers that you never have to leave the comfort of your home for, it is easy to see the appeal in online gambling. Sites like www.southafricaonlinecasinos.co.za offer convenience and security that gamblers love. Often the atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos, as well as the many sharks that swim in those murky waters, it can be intimidating for new gamblers. That is why the online scene has become so attractive.

Convenience vs Atmosphere

At the end of the day, the concrete casino vs the virtual one debate seems to boil down to convenience vs atmosphere. Some gamblers love the convenience and general comfort of gambling from home, and it only takes a few seconds to switch between games. Even more interesting, some gamblers get started never having to leave home, as they can do all transactions online, and even get loans online to get started.

Other gamblers prefer the atmosphere of the conventional casinos, and feel that nothing can beat the feeling of real dice in hand, or the thrill of playing Blackjack with a real dealer in front of them. Whatever your preference, it seems online gambling is here to stay.

Reasons Why You Should Answer Your Phone When The Debt Collector Calls

Reasons why you should answer your phone when the debt collector calls

Calls from debt collectors can be overwhelming and intimidating. But learning some dos and don’ts about handling debt collector calls and understanding your rights when it comes to debt collection agencies can ease your anxiety. More importantly, by knowing what to do and say when a debt collector calls, you can avoid making a mistake that could put you at legal or financial risk.

What to Do When a Debt Collector Calls

Here are some things that you should do when dealing with collection calls or speaking with collection agents.

Keep a Collections Log

A collections log is a written record that you make of the date and time that a collector calls, the employee that you speak with, and what the collector says to you. Your log does not have to be anything fancy — writing it on a notepad or spare piece of paper is fine.

A collections log will help you straighten out who is calling you from where, and what debts each collector is calling about. It will also help you keep track of how often a certain creditor calls and document inconsistencies in what collectors say to you from one call to the next.

Write to the Collector to Request it Stop Contacting You (If that’s What You Want)

Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if you request that a debt collector stop contacting you completely, it must do so (with a few exceptions). Your request must be in writing.

Think carefully before you do this. If you want to keep tabs on the status of the debt and/or open up the lines of communication with the collector in order to negotiate a settlement, this might not be in your best interest. If you request that the collector cease communication with you, it cannot contact you except to serve you with a lawsuit.

Tell the Collector If You Think You Don’t Owe the Debt

If you feel the debt isn’t legitimate, or that you don’t owe it, you should tell the collector why. Often, collectors aren’t even aware that your debt may be uncollectable. Many times, if your reason is valid, collectors will voluntarily cease collection on the debt, as their resources are better used on consumers who don’t have a valid objection to paying the money.

If you act quickly, you can request in writing that the debt collector validate the date (provide certain information about it) and stop collection activities while it does so. However, consumer lawyers report that debt collectors usually don’t provide much in the way of information in response to these requests. To learn more, see Debt Validation.

Tell the Collector You Can’t Afford to Pay (If You Can’t)

There is nothing that legally obligates a collector to stop collecting just because you can’t pay. However, telling collectors that you can’t pay, and giving them a short explanation of your financial difficulties, may lead them to move on to other consumers. It may also prevent your file from being referred to litigation.


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