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Intelligent home technology by Altech Node, the smart decoda


Technology and in particular satellite technology have given humanity the much-needed boost to make advancements in various spheres of life. Technological innovations have continued to come through and contribute to the betterment of human life. It is therefore not surprising that the South African public has become a beneficiary of innovations such as the Altech Node.

Altech Node is the home of Smart Entertainment, Smart Home and Smart Tv. By using the technologically enhanced Node box, users can enjoy complete home entertainment and some unbeatable smart home experience.

Smart Entertainment allows one to watch anything of their choice and their own convenient time with access to features such as instant play, no delays, no data costs and ultra high-definition quality on all HD movies. Smart Entertainment grants access to the latest movies with unlimited viewing for 48hrs at a cost of R25, unlimited movies and series all the time for only R299 per month, news, sports highlights, documentaries and kids programmes, personalised media with movies, pictures, music from your USB and stream it to any device on the Node network and it also allows for downloading of Android apps and games for the big screen.

Smart Home offerings allow for the managing and connecting of your home through your TV with smart accessories such as Smart Plugs which leads to complete control of any electrical device at home.This includes creating a home surveillance network using wireless cameras and motion sensors that you can view in one place. By using your TV, you can make really cheap internet calls using a VoIP phone and recharge your airtime,data or electricity. A Wi-Fi hotspot can also be created in your home.

Through Smart TV, you can turn your HDTV into a smart online entertainment platform with access to the Internet, social media, email, news and more, you can also view YouTube in HD quality, you can also connect and interact with Android applications in the Node App store with games and apps built for TV quality.

The Altech Node is truly life changing.
You can view the contracts here.

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GeoSim, your global roaming SIM card


Cell phones and mobile communication have become part of the fabric of human daily life and culture. It is estimated that there are approximately 2.23 billion people across the world currently use cellphones and the number is bound to grow.

Mobile phones have completely changed the communication dynamics. Cellphones do not only facilitate quick instant calls but those with internet capability can check into social media websites, read communications from their friends and send quick replies. It is however interesting to note that the heartbeat of these gadgets is a SIM card. Without a SIM card, a cellphone becomes very redundant. SIM cards are also critical for service providers because they assist in regulating the cost and geographical coverage. For those who cross geographical boundaries, the solution is to buy another SIM card suiting a particular country or even put your other SIM on roam which is an expensive option. One business entity which has stepped in to mitigate this situation is GeoSim.

GeoSim is not just a SIM but its part of a centralised communications hub which provides many features and benefits. GeoSim uses existing networks such as Vodafone,T-Mobile, O2 and Orange along with hundreds around the world.This SIM works in over 200 countries and on over 500 networks and assists users to save  compared to a normal SIM when overseas.

GeoSim does not charge for roaming and you can receive calls in over 60 countries.There is no additional connection charge per call and you are only charged the relevant call rate. Your call credit will not run out for at least 12 months. Your SIM needs to be kept active, that means renewed on its 12 month anniversary from when it was first used. To renew your SIM costs £4.99 + VAT. If you choose not to renew, your SIM is suspended and your call credit removed. If you do renew, your credit rolls over to the next year.

GeoSim is worth considering especially for those who travel internationally. Contact can be made on +44 (0)1908 888670.

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Standard banks single view banking app


Standard bank is a renowned global banking brand.The many years of experience in the industry and across geographical boundaries has positioned this financial powerhouse to be a leader in providing cutting edge and innovative banking products and services. In order to live up to this glowing reputation, the bank launched the single view banking app.

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WumDrop, the taxi app specialists


A safe and secure transport system is a key component of a nations development agenda. While emphasis is placed on motor vehicle ownership, it is also true that good public transport infrastructure is important too. The need to build good support structures and technology in transport is therefore of the essence. One firm applying itself in this regard is WumDrop.

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RiCharge, providing gadget charging solutions

RiCharge - charging solutions

Technology has become an integral part of daily life. Over the years, It has fostered human ability and revolutionised how people work and think and given them access to the world. Courtesy of technological advancements like cellphones, communication is rapid, standard of life has increased and the world has become smaller. It is also a fact that gadgets like cellphones are constantly required to be charged to provide the required service. One business entity specialising in this kind of business is RiCharge.

Established in 2011, RiCharge is a South African business house which develops and provides solutions to assist people keep their smartphones charged.This service has been tailored with special focus on the hospitality, health and education sectors.

In order to achieve this,this technology firm launched the Super Station.The Super Station is a 12 tray charging station which allows users to charge their devices at a table. Each removable tray houses a battery and all the cables needed to charge any phone or tablet. At a cost effective price of R7,000, this facility is able to support devices manufactured after 2007.

Become an innovative technology house, RiCharge is also poised to launch the Solar Umbrella with built in battery to provide mobile charging on the beach or anywhere where the Super Station cant be used.

With RiCharge, the public can for once forget about cellphone charging glitches. Contact can be made on 0214249744.

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Bidvest partners Vodacom M-Pesa

m pesa mobile banking

The Bidvest Group Limited was established in 1988 and is now an international investment holding company with investments across the food service, broad services, trading and distribution industries.This institution has also curved out specialisation in foreign exchange and offers competitive exchange rates as well as interest rates and banking products.

Vodacom on the other hand is an African mobile communications company providing voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 55 million customers.

With such a credible history, Bidvest happened to be the suitable financial house to partner Vodacom M-Pesa. The motivation behind this partnership is to create a banking platform M-Pesa mobile money transfer service. With Bidvests experience in the foreign exchange and money transfer market, M-Pesa will draw benefits of functionality because for a while, the product has depended on distribution and registration as enabling growth factors.

With Bidvest bank as a partner and its skills and expertise being readily available, M-Pesa has added an entirely new functionality which meets the needs and expectations of the ever-growing clientele. For Bidvest, this partnership is an endorsement of the system reliability at Bidvest bank and the professionalism of its staff.

The revamped M-Pesa service will be launched through 8,000 agents at both informal outlets and major retail partners.

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Here’s to why Samsung – Blackberry deal could be viable

Both Blackberry and Samsung have dismissed a report published on newswire network Reuters which reported that the South Korean electronic company wants to acquire the struggling Canadian mobile device maker for $7.5 billion.

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Absa payment pebble, its all about convenience


Absa is a revered brand in the banking and financial markets. The banks positive reputation within the markets has been propelled by the bank’s ability to cater a diverse clientele ranging from individuals to business in an efficient and flexible manner. In line with living up to this reputation, Absa introduced the payment pebble.

The payment pebble is a high-tech and innovative way to make and receive card payments.This product enables small, medium and large business owners to accept MasterCard and Visa debit or credit card payments through a smart phone or tablet at anytime and anywhere.

Payment pebble is a compact, mobile and flexible device that simply plugs into the audio jack of your compatible smart phone or tablet,link your device to your merchant account using your requested one time pin (OTP) and once set up, it facilitates transactions immediately.

This product also has a flexible pricing structure. For Absa customers:

Monthly rental – R50.00 (Excl VAT) for the first 12 months and R20 (Excl VAT) thereafter (no swap outs allowed)
Initiation Fee per Payment Pebble order (once off) – R160 (Excl VAT) for the first Payment Pebble and R30 (Excl VAT) for each Payment Pebble (for each Payment Pebble order) thereafter.
Replacement or returning old Payment Pebble – Free swap-out, once-off initiation fee (as above) will be charged for each swap-out.
Merchant Services Fees – 3.20% across all card types.

Non-Absa customers enjoy the following terms:
Monthly rental – R50.00 (Excl VAT) for the first 12 months and R20 (Excl VAT) thereafter (no swap outs allowed).
Initiation Fee per Payment Pebble order (once off) – R160 (Excl VAT) for the first Payment Pebble and R30 (Excl VAT) for each Payment Pebble (for each Payment Pebble order) thereafter.
Replacement or returning old Payment Pebble – Free swap-out, once-off initiation fee (as above) will be charged for each swap-out.
Merchant Services Fees– 3.75% across all card types.

Absa payment pebble is a must have for everyone.

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Spottm, a united voice of change


Crime and neighborhood safety is a prominent issue in South Africa with current statistics showing that home invasion robberies, rape, burglaries, carjackings, street muggings, smash and grabs, organised attacks on commercial and retail centers, ATM bombings and attacks on cash in transit vehicles being a major concern. Research and statistics have also shown that organised and close-knit communities record less crime incidences and those that occur are promptly exposed. One technology platform helping in this area is Spottm.

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Rage expo, your computers and gaming exhibition

rage-expo-computers and gaming

The city of Johannesburg is a melting pot of many things which includes technology. In the spirit of embracing technological innovation and excellency, from the 10th of October to the 12th of October 2014, the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg will play host to the 12th annual rAge expo. Arranged by a team of event organisers, public relations experts and other players, rAge is driven by a dedicated and experienced team who are responsible for publishing NAG magazine which is South Africas leading gaming, computer and technology magazine.

Rage is Africa’s premier consumer gaming and technology exhibition which draws thousands of visitors and seeks to highlight and expose the latest and greatest in gadgets, video games and everything else that sets the gadget fans on the edge. Primary product categories at this event include PC and console gaming, computer hardware and software, overlocking, gaming peripherals, gaming retail, hardware retail, gaming apparel and accessories, local game development studios, eSports events, international game developers, media and creative arts colleges, convention artists, graphic art signings, comics, anime, role-playing, collectible card games, digital lifestyle gear, etc.

This annual event provides a rare opportunity for tech companies, assorted retailers, video game distributors, aspiring game developers and anyone else looking to access a potentially untapped market to promote their brands and products, or to directly interact with their target audience and engage with them personally to encourage a meaningful, lasting customer relationship.Through this event, exhibitors can capitalise on the enormous spending power of the technology and gaming consumer.

nag-magazineThis is indeed South Africa’s gaming industrys calendar major and it’s not surprising to see gamers traveling from Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and many other places in South Africa. Gate charges for this event are R80 per person for the day ticket, weekend ticket is at R150 and NAG LAN ticket is at R450. You cant afford to miss this.

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