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Rage expo, your computers and gaming exhibition

rage-expo-computers and gaming

The city of Johannesburg is a melting pot of many things which includes technology. In the spirit of embracing technological innovation and excellency, from the 10th of October to the 12th of October 2014, the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg will play host to the 12th annual rAge expo. Arranged by a team of event organisers, public relations experts and other players, rAge is driven by a dedicated and experienced team who are responsible for publishing NAG magazine which is South Africas leading gaming, computer and technology magazine.

Rage is Africa’s premier consumer gaming and technology exhibition which draws thousands of visitors and seeks to highlight and expose the latest and greatest in gadgets, video games and everything else that sets the gadget fans on the edge. Primary product categories at this event include PC and console gaming, computer hardware and software, overlocking, gaming peripherals, gaming retail, hardware retail, gaming apparel and accessories, local game development studios, eSports events, international game developers, media and creative arts colleges, convention artists, graphic art signings, comics, anime, role-playing, collectible card games, digital lifestyle gear, etc.

This annual event provides a rare opportunity for tech companies, assorted retailers, video game distributors, aspiring game developers and anyone else looking to access a potentially untapped market to promote their brands and products, or to directly interact with their target audience and engage with them personally to encourage a meaningful, lasting customer relationship.Through this event, exhibitors can capitalise on the enormous spending power of the technology and gaming consumer.

nag-magazineThis is indeed South Africa’s gaming industrys calendar major and it’s not surprising to see gamers traveling from Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and many other places in South Africa. Gate charges for this event are R80 per person for the day ticket, weekend ticket is at R150 and NAG LAN ticket is at R450. You cant afford to miss this.

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Spring lab, a Joint Venture partner


Spring lab is an incubator business model in South Africa which is focused on being a venture builder and business development partner for Sub-Saharan Africa. With a unique specialisation in technology, this firm builds lean start-ups that solve real world inefficiencies. The success of this model is anchored on pillars of incubation, partnership, investment, market entry, business and product development as well as other core functions.

As an incubator, the core functions of this entity remain marketing, software development and administrative functions so that entrepreneurs can focus on executing business ideas. The business operation is done by Spring lab initially being on the look out for people with unique assets and resources. By being a partner in a joint venture, Spring lab then supplies seed capital and resources to qualifying start-ups. These resources are coupled with market entry expertise such as preparation, planning and experienced execution. Business and product development is done by using the sales team and the organisations extensive network to build strategic partnerships and tie it to the development of user-friendly products with cutting edge technology. For those entrepreneurs in need of building space, ventures are allowed to use state of the art offices based in Cape Town.

With Spring lab, the future of information technology in South Africa and beyond is safe and secure. This firm can be contacted on 0214480496.

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Furntech, South Africas prime technology incubator


South Africa’s economy over the last two decades has been spurred by increasing number of skilled population and the constantly developing technology. It is therefore not surprising that the year  2000 saw the establishment of the Furniture Technology Centre Trust (Furntech). This institution is a fruit of the bilateral agreement between the Department of Trade and Industry and the Swedish Industrial Development Agency.

The vision behind Furntech is to be a leading business technology incubation model for incubating manufacturing companies in the South African furniture and wood products sector. This model has been designed to ensure that it combines skills training and business development processes. It is also structured in such a way that it protects new and existing small businesses by assisting entrepreneurs with all aspects of starting up and developing their companies into sustainable ones.

In order to achieve the above, Furntech has set itself different objectives. Some of the objectives include developing Furntech into a sustainable business, serving as a vehicle to enhance the ability of the sector to become globally competitive, establish centres of excellence in key  locations nationally, develop business and production skills through skills development and technology demonstration and creating an enabling environment for small and micro enterprises (SME’s) in the furniture and wood products industries to grow through business technology incubation.

In order to respond to the increasing demand for its services, Furntech has established seven centres in South Africa namely White River in Mpumalanga, George and Capetown in Western Cape, Johannesburg in Gauteng, Durban and Umzimkhulu in Kwazulu Natal and Mthatha in Eastern Cape.

Furntech can be contacted on 0215111349.

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Edge Campus, equipping educators through technology


Education remains one of the most valuable investment sectors in society. This is one sector that offers great returns on investment both for industry players and consumers. It is therefore not surprising that the need for modern technology to assist the growth and development of education services has intensified over the years. One technological development coming out of a start-up environment which is playing a crucial role in this regard is Edge Campus.

Edge Campus is a technology app which has been created in order to change the way children learn and are generally taught. Edge Campus is an innovative response to the challenge that educators in South Africa and beyond face in managing learners continuous assessments. This app uses a simple tool called Qurio which is a simple but powerful assessment tool that allows teachers to create digital assessments and push them out to PCs and mobile devices with very little technical know-how. This tool empowers teachers to create and circulate assessments among their students in order to receive feedback on the work being done in the classroom.These assessments can be broken up into three different categories such as basic assessment, quiz and survey.

The basic assessment is a once off questionnaire, whereby the teacher can gauge what the learner knows. A quiz is beneficial to the learner as it can reinforce what they have learned. Finally, a survey is an assessment without marks.

This assessment tool can also be tailored to any sector or business that requires monitoring and evaluation.

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Tuluntulu app, streaming video


Tuluntulu means stream in the local Zulu dialect in South Africa. The world has made great strides over the last decade to increase and enhance online video usage. Unfortunately Africa has remained lagging behind. Different reasons have been advanced for this but the main ones include the fact that current competing technologies do not perform well in low rate internet infrastructures between 30kps-300kps. The coming on the scene of Tuluntulu was precisely to address this challenge.

Tuluntulu was established as a management company for specialised technology known as ARTIST that allows streaming video to be viewed on mobile devices. This technology utilises patented technology to deliver unbroken standards based live video streams with fully integrated social media interactivity. This solution covers the entire media value chain from video content ingestion to a fully adaptive and scalable service and mobile device applications.

The ARTIST solution is suited for the South African and African environment and works on 3G and EDGE. Other features include seamless and smooth video delivery adapting to varying through rates for each individual connected user without disruption to the viewed stream. Messaging engine is built into the core of the technology to reduce the cost of entry where the advert and branding messages are integrated into the video space. Massively scalable architecture for large numbers of simultaneous viewers even with individual adapting video streaming. Full service provider control over user access, video channel access and total service through deterministic cost.

Tuluntulu can be contacted on 0836323296.

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Your Website Is Important Collateral, Make It Easy


Organisations should never underestimate their marketing collateral, because no matter how good your business resources are, it counts for nothing if your organisation is not generating clients.
We are now the age of the internet and as such, your organisation’s website has suddenly become your most important contact point with potential and existing customers. You most important piece of marketing collateral, then fast becomes your website. Invest in this collateral and do it properly the first.

Clearly displaying what your organisation has to offer is the first and most important step in ensuring your product/service is easily identifiable and a solution quickly found. And your greatest tool is simplified navigation is your menu structure. Really good websites tell your prospective clients and customers all they need to know by simply scrolling through the menu. Displaying your information in interesting, exciting and multi-dimensional ways also can help you easily convey this information in an engaging way.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this is especially true for the navigation of your website. As a client, I have found what it is I’m looking for from your menu structure; getting there, should be just as easy. Always remember that if people have to look for something within your site, they will probably leave and go look elsewhere. And there is no such thing as repetition within a site. This is especially true for contact information. Have it on the footer; and also have a contact page; some suggested even adding your telephone number on top of every page. People will rarely land on your front page, and if your site doesn’t encourage them to explore further you’re throwing away potential business.

The main purpose of a website is to generate business; but ultimately, people do business with people and not websites, contacting your office or a company representative, should therefore be as easy as possible! Like already stated, contact information should be as easy as possible to find within your site; images of your team and their expertise is also a good. People are much more likely to contact you if they know who they’re going to speak to.
Lastly, ensure your contact forms are going to a valid email address that is monitored and that someone efficient is receiving mail sent to your generic email addresses, people expect replies to messages they have sent and not responding can do more harm to your brand, than good.
Make it as easy as possible for people to engage with your website and they will. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy from or contact you and they will.

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Gust pay, mobile payments and event intelligence

gust pay online

Gust pay – Technological advancements made over the years have come about in order to alter lifestyles and improve human life. One of the fastest rising brands in South Africa is Gust Pay. Gust Pay is a Stellenbosch based app that facilitates mobile commerce. Using the flexibility and efficiency of the iPhone and Android, this app assists with regards to smart mobile payments, location services, point of sale, event intelligence and tech report.

The smart mobile payments allows one to download this app and pay with their names, two taps and a swipe. The location services feature allow one to find and navigate to nearby merchants, it offers a 2D map view and an augmented reality view in the iOS version. Point of sale lets merchants request and accept payments with an intuitive workflow, this basically involves your stock item database and process orders with a user-friendly touch screen POS system. Gust event intelligence offers a full-featured cashless events service which is designed to offer a greater user experience by combining NFC wristbands with smart phone apps. In the media tech report allows users of Gust to pay for goods at selected stores simply by connecting through WiFi.

Gust can be contacted on the online platform and prompt feedback will be provided.

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Business connexion, providing connective intelligence


The information and communication technology (ICT) sector has played a significant contribution in supporting the growth of the South African economy over the last two decades. One of the organisations which has been an integral part of this growth and contribution is Business connexion.

Established about 30 years ago, this reputable ICT firm is renowned for providing world class products, services and solutions. With over 6800 employees across Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Business connexion can be trusted to configure, integrate and maintain innovative business solutions for clients. The services division of the business comprises cloud infrastructure services, communication services, workspace services, professional services, application services and global service integration.

Business connexions bouquet of solutions and  services include advanced managed services, business consulting services, cloud computing, crypographic solutions, energy efficiency services, human resources, information security services, integrated managed IT solutions, microsoft lifecycle management, payroll solutions, retail IT services and workspace services. Others are application services, business intelligence, communication services, data centre services, enterprise resource management, industrial solutions, infrastructure solutions, managed print services, netcampus, public sector IT solutions, systems integration services as well as time and attendance.

Business connexion can be trusted to deliver a world class service by using its expertise. The top level certification attained with many of the worlds leading ICT suppliers bears testimony to the organisations excellence.

Business connexion can be contacted on 0112665111.

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Wizzit, banking services for all


Research in the financial and banking sector has revealed that the mass retail banking market around the world is still surrounded by impediments which prevent many unbanked people from opening a bank account or finding a secure and efficient payment mechanism. In order to address these impediments and challenges, the year 2004 brought WIZZIT on the scene.

WIZZIT, operating under a banking license obtained through the South African Bank of Athens Limited was established in order to provide social upliftment by empowering poorer people to interact financially, through making financial services widely accessible. This is done by offering a transactional bank account primarily aimed at the unbanked and under banked markets utilising mobile phone technology.

Under this WIZZIT innovation, mobile phones are used to make real-time person to person payments, transfers and pre-paid purchases as well as a branded Master Card debit card which is used to make payments in the formal retail environment.

From the above, its clear to see that this fast growing financial institution is committed to changing the world by providing banking opportunities to the 4 billion unbanked and under-banked population through cell phone technology, leading to a reduction of poverty and the creation of economically empowered citizens.

WIZZIT can be contacted on 0861949948.

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FNB Mozambique money transfer

FNB Mozambique money transfer

Mozambique is a Southern African country which has enjoyed strong historical political, social and economic relationships with South Africa. These relationships have paved the way for many Mozambicans to find their way into South Africa mainly for economic and social reasons. This movement and settling of Mozambican nationals in South Africa has necessitated the creation of a reliable money transfer facility.

With a strong business presence and insightful financial knowledge of both South Africa and Mozambique, First National Bank (FNB) stepped up to offer the ideal money transfer solution. The Mozambique money transfer service allows FNB customers who are resident in South Africa to send money to an individual in Mozambique who has a valid Mozambican identity document.

This facility allows one to send money at any time of the day or night through cellphone or online banking and the recipient is paid in Mozambique Meticais at no additional cost. The total amount of money which can be sent through cellphone banking is R1,500 while online banking allows for a R3,000 amount.The maximum amount allowed per month is R10,000. The amount of money sent however will depend on how much money one has spent on Prepaid Airtime, Prepaid Electricity as well as how much has gone through eWallet and sending money to Zimbabwe.

When collecting money at the selected FNB Mozambique branch, the recipient must provide a Mozambican identity document, voucher reference number, transfer code and the expected amount in Meticals. If the money is not collected at the branch within 14 days, it’s reversed back to the senders FNB account.

For any queries regarding this money transfer service, First National Bank (FNB) can be contacted on 0875759405.

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