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Why Forex Trading Is Becoming A Big Deal In South Africa


Many South Africans have become familiar with news reports profiling Sandile Shezi, South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaire at the age of 23. As soon as news first broke about him, many people were surprised it was possible for ordinary folk to make that kind of income from trading.  

Sandile Shezi’s trajectory was no fluke either. This was proven when the likes of Simz D’ Mandla became more popular after becoming a millionaire at 20. 

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies. It involves speculation to some extent and it also relies on statistical probabilities. It can be volatile, intense and stressful. 

Why forex trading is becoming a big deal in South Africa: 

Fast money 

Many people are drawn to it because of the returns that it promises. The reality is that there aren’t guaranteed returns with any form of trading. It’s become much easier for scammers to cash in on gullible individuals by promising them returns on their investments.  

It offers flexibility  

It requires a willingness to take high risks, which is why many people have opted to start trading on the side while still employed. Once they gain more confidence, many of them have become full-time traders; which enables them to determine their own hours. 

The ease of access is a major driver 

In the past, forex trading was the domain of experienced brokers. Technology has changed all of this, by making it easy to trade from anywhere and at any time. 

There are no barriers to entry 

Forex trading is becoming a big deal in South Africa because it’s become much easier to get started, even with a low amount of money. Forex trading is made more affordable. 

There are numerous courses available 

It’s important for South Africans to only use legitimate companies that are registered with the Financial Services Board. Forex trading training remains unregulated in the country.  

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How To Choose A Lender: The Right Loan For Me


When in need of a loan, there may be temptation to accept any offer you get. The reality is that you need to choose the right lender for your needs. When you choose a lender it’s important that you take into account a number of factors. 

How to choose a lender: 

Jabu is applying for his first car loan and is wondering where to start. 

Know what your credit standing is 

He can avoid wasting a lot of time and energy by getting up to speed with his current score. He needs to remember that lenders will monitor how he has maintained his credit agreements. 

Make sure that the lender has the type of loan you are looking for 

There is no point to applying to a lender that doesn’t have the kind of finance you are looking for. Do your research beforehand and choose a lender that has what you need. Jabu would be doing himself a favour by identifying the best car finance providers. This process includes comparing different lenders.  

Consider your affordability 

The bottom line is that if Jabu can’t afford repayments, chances of approval are slim to none. When he chooses the right loan for his needs he must keep his affordability in mind. If he already has too much credit to his name, Jabu needs to expect the possibility of rejection. 

Find a legitimate lender 

The lender you apply to has to be legitimate. Jabu will benefit from a lender with transparent processes that has a number of existing systems in place for dealing with various borrowers. Jabu needs to follow due process by finding ways to identify a lender that is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies. 

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The Secret To Saving Money


For best friends Kelly and Molly, saving for their first overseas trip together is something they have been working towards since they were teenagers. With the challenges that life presents, they have found themselves falling behind their target.  

As part of their reassessment of where they faltered along the way, they’ve found themselves searching for the secret to saving money. 


Being consistent is a simple way to save money and to actually see the progress of your efforts. One thing that consistency creates is the desire to push to the next level. As soon as one goal has been reached, it’s common to want to reach the next savings level. 

Be prudent 

One of the easiest ways of saving money is being prudent about the entire process. This means creating a budget and sticking to it, avoiding overspending and saving a dedicated amount of money every month. That coffee you buy every day on your way to work could be costing you hundreds of rands which you could be saving monthly. That packet of cigarettes you buy everyday could be costing you a lot more money than you think. The secret to saving money is figuring out how much money you are losing monthly and identifying the behaviours leading to this. 

Be positive about saving money 

When saving money it’s important for you to maintain a positive attitude throughout. 

Have a clear plan 

This is an essential part of the process. Having a clear plan means that you have set a particular goal for yourself and that you know how you will define success. 

Have an account 

Find a high-interest savings account for your savings and you are more likely to save more money in the long run. 

Pay yourself first 

This is a well-known secret to saving money. A rule of thumb is to save at least 15% of your salary before you have to pay any expenses.

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Loan Advantages And Disadvantages


While there are numerous positive aspects that come with qualifying for a loan, there are some negative aspects that one has to consider too. 

For Tiffany, who is expecting her first child with her husband Derek, applying for a loan is proving to be more stressful than she initially anticipated. The couple’s goal to extend their home before the arrival of their baby is something that they have had to get assistance with. When comparing loan advantages and disadvantages, they must be cognizant of specific needs. 


You get financial relief – You have the financial means to meet your needs. 

It can be paid off at a later stage, so you don’t need to stress about repaying it immediately. 

Amounts offered range from R500 to R150 000. For Tiffany and Derek, the amount should be enough to cover the exact needs of their renovations. 

There are different types of loans which can be applied for. 

The waiting period for accessing the loan may not be too long, depending on the type applied for. 

You can pay your debts off faster, with access to the cash. 

You can consolidate debts. 

Interest rates may be low if you get a secured loan. 


  • Fees may be high, depending on your credit score and level of affordability 
  • Interest rates may be high if you have a poor credit score 
  • The loan amount may be high if the loan term is long 
  • Criteria may be strict 
  • Approval may be dependent on credit score 
  • Approval may lead to over-indebtedness 

The various loan advantages and disadvantages are essential to consider before applying for any loan.

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Instant Loan Benefits- What Are They Really?


An instant loan is the type that is easily accessible. Thanks to technology, there are simple ways to access these forms of finance by making online applications. The traditional loan application forms  have changed significantly in recent years.  

Getting access to the cash you need is no longer about making your way to your nearest bank to convince the manager why you should be granted a loan. 

Trina is a young mother looking to get access to an instant loan.  

Instant Loan Benefits: 

Instant cash – With this type of loan, Trina is sure to get fast access to the cash she needs. Fortunately with online options she can get the cash immediately after approval. 

Easy to access – One of numerous instant loan benefits is that they are easy to access.  The simple qualifying criteria that Trina is facing are some of the main factors of why these loans are so popular. 

Access to cash of up to R8000 – One of the most common instant loan benefits is that the cash amount can be up to R8000, depending on credit score, affordability and how well loans have been paid in the past. 

No limits on how to use the loan Unlike home loans, or home improvement loans, instant loans can be used in any way by borrowers. Trina won’t be limited in any way in terms of how much she wants to spend on paying school fees or how much she spends on covering rent for the month.  

Easy repayment process – These loans are typically repayable within a month and lenders generally place a debit order on borrowers’ accounts.  

Numerous financial institutions offer these loans, which provide even more options for borrowers.  

As a borrower, you’ll want to consider instant loan benefits when you want to find loan options that are best for your needs.

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Gambling in Africa: A Safe Bet

Fun online in South Africa

The past couple of years have seen an incredible increase in the gambling markets across the world. A significant change has been noticed especially in Africa, with a particular interest in South Africa.

One of the primary reasons for this rush across Africa has been the installation of more Limited Payout Machines. If the trend continues and gets adopted by other African nations, then we can expect the industry revenues to rise even further. At present, estimates suggest that 2019 will see the gambling industry make close to R31 Billion in South Africa alone. This is already higher than what was predicted for 2017-18, a clear sign of how the perception about the industry is changing in the region.

Another aspect of the gambling industry in Africa is that at present it is spearheaded by the sports betting craze. Africans are a sport loving nation with a particular interest in football. Bets on football matches held around the world is a daily occurrence, but with the advent of online casinos, African nations are opening up to others forms of making money. From playing slots on-the-go to poker or even online lotteries, everything seems to be working in favour of making the industry reach new heights.    


The importance of technology in gambling is evident. From keeping abreast with the latest trends to providing customers with the newest gaming options, advancements in technology have been a significant force behind the success of gambling in the world. A similar case is now visible in Africa. According to The Economist, “Mobile phones are more common than access to electricity” in Africa, and with smartphone technology comes the various advantages of enjoying gambling to the max. Kenya is soon going to have 5G telecommunication options, and approximately 80% of the country already has access to the internet. With betting on a rise, fast communication will only increase trust in the overall gambling experience.

Online Options

Among the many reasons behind the rise of gambling in Africa is the availability of online casinos. Location independent and packed with entertaining features, they have become the go-to choice for players who want to make some quick cash without the worry of having to travel. To quote OnlieCasinosOnline, “Online casinos are more rewarding than South African land casinos, as the odds are decidedly better.” From the simplicity of playing games to fast payments and the options to indulge in everything from poker and blackjack to roulette and lotteries, online gaming is definitely the preferred choice for Africans.   


Looking at the number of rising transactions through banks is a sure shot indication of the money that is changing hands through betting and online casinos in Africa. Nigeria saw a massive 29 million web transactions in 2017 alone. Secure payments, as well as multiple payment options, are making gambling uncomplicated. Moreover, mobile banking options have been quick and act as an integral part of the success of online casinos and their popularity among the masses. Be it small investments or large; there is something for every type of player to try their hands on when indulging in online gambling, and hopefully, in the end, win big.  

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Short And Long Term Financing From ARCCT Loans


Available nationwide, ARCCT Loans are disbursed with the main intent to focus on providing people with bad credit with access to finance. For many individuals with bad credit, getting access to loans can be a hassle.  

Some of the most common reasons for being turned down for finance include: 

  • Having an unestablished credit record 
  • Having a fair to poor credit score 
  • Having no substantial collateral 
  • Making too many late payments 

ARCCT Loans understands the tough situations faced by many people, which may lead to bad credit. This is why the institution offers simple loan solutions.  

When applying for bad credit loans it always helps to provide the necessary documentation as efficiently as possible, so that you can gain access to funds faster. 

You need to be prepared to be charged a higher interest rate, because you’re considered a high-risk individual. This interest rate will also be determined by your affordability assessment. 

How the application process works with ARCCT Loans: 

There are no upfront fees charged for services and applicants can expect a same day pay-out if the documentation is correct. 

No co-signer is required for the loan application and there are no restrictions on how to use the loan. If you get access to short term finance, you can use the loan for paying off short-term needs like rent. Long term financing may be ideal for paying for longer term needs, such as paying for a deposit on a house. 

To qualify for bad credit loans in South Africa, you generally need to be in permanent employment for at least 6 consecutive months and you need to prove affordability. 

Lenders want to see that you are in reliable employment and will be able to afford repayments comfortably. In this case, your affordability is more important than your creditworthiness. 

You can apply online by visiting the ARCCT Loans website.  

For more information, visit www.arcct.com

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EC Loans- Offering Tailored Financial Solutions


For most people who are looking for a personal loan, one of their top priorities is likely to be fast approval. Not only does this mean that individuals get access to cash for meeting their financial needs, but it also generally means that they have easy access to tailored financial solutions. 

For a lending institution to provide finance, a thorough affordability assessment must be conducted. Once an applicant has been approved, a lender will provide a specific loan amount, according to how much an individual can afford to repay. 

A financial institution that specialises in offering tailored solutions is EC Loans. 

More about EC Loans: 

EC Loans provides personal loans between R1000 and R100 000, with repayments that are tailored to suit your budget and personal needs. 

EC Loans offers affordable and practical rates and instalment terms. Financial solutions offered by the institution include secured, unsecured, bad credit and cash loans. 

You have the option to choose a reimbursement period that suits your budget and bank account.  

If you have a bad credit record you can benefit from a personal loan from EC Loans. As long as you can provide proof that you can afford to repay the loan, EC Loans will consider your application. 

The convenient online application saves you time and money. You can save on travel costs and apply from wherever you are.  

Loans that are granted are based on individual needs and financial standing.  

What are the qualifying criteria? 

  • Be above the age of 18 years 
  • Be permanently employed for at least 3 months at your current employer 
  • Earn a minimum gross salary of R1500 per month 
  • Have an active South African bank account with debit order facilities 
  • Be a South African citizen with a valid South African ID 
  • Provide proof of residence 

To contact EC Loans, call: 087 943 2500 or send an email to: info@ecloans.co.za 

Visit www.ecloans.co.za for more information

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Convenient Loan-Finding Services From Loanmatch SA


In the South African financial services sector there are numerous institutions, all offering a different number of financial services. This can very often be quite confusing for many ordinary individuals who may just be looking for a simple loan solution. 

Having access to a loan-finding service can provide convenient ways of getting the best loan solution for unique individual needs. 

Offering a quick service, open communication and best results, Loan Match SA offers quality service. 

You are provided access to loan amounts ranging from R1000 to R500 000, dependent on your individual creditworthiness. 

Loan Match SA takes various factors into consideration when finding you the perfect loan, such as interest rates and fees as well as the instalment suitability for your budget. 

How can you apply? 

You can apply on Loan Match SA quickly and easily in your own time.  

Once registered on the site, you will be offered a range of suppliers to choose the best possible loan option from. 

You can apply online or via phone- whichever is most convenient for you. 

Who can apply? 

  • South African Nationals 
  • Individuals who are above the age of 18 years old 
  • Individuals who earn a monthly salary of at least R2000 
  • Individuals who are not under debt review or bankruptcy 

In addition to loan-finding service, Loanmatch SA offers an Advice Assistance Service package which is available for a fee of only R429 for the first month and R99 for the remaining 11 months. 

The application process is simple and quite straightforward. By visiting the website www.loanmatchsa.co.za, you are able to get access to competitive loan solutions. 

Once you qualify and are approved, you can get quick access to your cash. You have the financial freedom to meet your most pressing financial needs.

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Why You Should Apply For Pep Loans


Pep first opened its store in 1965 in De Aar in the Northern Cape. Today it has more than 1870 retail stores and is the largest single-brand retailer in Southern Africa. 

Over the years the company has become well-established as a leading outlet, offering affordable clothing, accessories and cell phone products.  

An additional service offered by the retailer has created a simple, convenient solution for individuals. 

Pep Loans offer individuals an opportunity to access personal loans of up to R30 000. Through a partnership with Capfin, South Africans are offered an easy and simple way of getting finance. 

Why apply for Pep Loans? 

  • You can choose between a 6 and 12 month period to repay the loan. 
  • There are no long bank queues to wait in while applying. You get a cost effective, easily accessible system. 
  • Loans are based on individual credit profiles and payment behaviour. 
  • You get access to funds within 48 hours of your loan approval. 
  • You can use the personal loan however you wish. Use it to pay for tertiary education costs, for home renovations or for paying off multiple debts- it’s completely up to you. 

How can one apply for Pep Loans? 

Simply visit your nearest Pep or Ackermans store with your valid South African I.D and latest proof of income.  

Head to the till-point and get your I.D. and proof of income scanned. You will also need to provide your active cellphone number which will be used to give you the outcome of your application. 

Within 5 minutes you will get a response from a Capfin consultant on the outcome of your loan application. The process is completely confidential and you can expect a response via SMS 

Alternatively, you can SMS “help” to 3679 and a Capfin consultant will call you back. Another option is to dial the USSD code *120*5566# 

Visit www.pepstores.com for more information about Pep Loans. 

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