Arts Alive 2015

Arts Alive 2015

Explore your love for creativity and come alive through art in this year’s Arts Alive International Festival.

An annual event that is all about social cohesion through arts and culture by showcasing the best in home grown talent of dance, theatre, poetry, music, exhibitions, visual art and general entertainment, whether you are an art enthusiast or not there is something for everyone at the festival.

With the option of the various events at the festival which takes place in and around the seven regions presented by the City of Joburg opening up the arts to a wide range of citizens.

Art lovers come out in support to further explore their love for art. And for those who aren’t so pro-active in the art scene are given the chance to celebrate and embrace art.

You might see a well-known high profile performer at the festival or be exposed to someone unexpected or a form of art you’ve never experienced before such as ballet even in the most surprising of places.

Some of the confirmed programmes lined up at this year’s festival include a glimpse of the Alex Fashion Week from September 5-7. You can catch it at the recently built Pan Africa mall, and the regular and oh so loved Jazz on the Lake. Some of this year’s well-known featured artists are Johnny Glegg and the Soil, to name a few performing at the Zoo Lake from 31 August – 1 October.

Say it with me Woza #ArtAlive2015!


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