Assupol loans, providing savings products

Assupol loans

Financial services industry organisations have come a long way around the world and South Africa in particular. One of the major developments coming out of this industry is the embracing of integrated approach to providing financial services. One business house which has embraced this approach is Assupol.

Assupol loans

Established in 1913, Assupol is a South African financial services provider which provides funeral, life savings and retirement annuity products with a special focus to the lower to middle income market. With 76% market share composed of the government sector such as members of the police, correctional services and other government employees, this financial concern has become a leader in providing financial products. One of those product categories is savings products.

The savings products allows clients to put money aside for future purposes such as childrens education, buying a car, taking a holiday or buying a house. Savings premiums and are always tailor-made according to client requirements. Customers can save R100 per month in the Maxvalue Savings Policy, R300 per month in the Maximumwealth Exclusive Policy or Maximumwealth Cash Provider.This money is received tax-free at the end of the policy.These policies can be used as security for a loan and a beneficiary can be appointed in-case of death or disability.

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Assupol can be contacted on 0860103091.

Assupol loans


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