Audi financial services

audi financial services

Audi Financial Services is a division of Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa Proprietary Limited which is an authorised financial services and credit provider.This financial concern provides finance options such as the Instalment Sale and the Lease.

With headquarters in Bavaria, German, Audi branded vehicles are produced in nine production facilities worldwide. The desire to financially empower the masses and give them the means to afford such quality led to the creation of Audi Financial Services.

Instalment Sale is the simple and traditional route to financing vehicle ownership.The benefits of this option are that you own the goods when you have paid the full amount and if the asset is used for business purposes, you can claim depreciation and the yearly interest paid against tax.Repayment periods run between 12 to 60 months and interest is calculated at either fixed or prime linked rates.The goods must also be fully insured during the agreement and there is no minimum deposit payable.

The Lease option gives the customer the right to use it for an agreed period during which time only rentals are paid. At the end of the term you return the goods, acquire ownership or extend the lease. Interest is calculated at either fixed or prime linked rates. Other benefits of this financing plan include the fact that rentals can be claimed as expense against tax, you don’t need to own the asset to use it, you avoid tying up working capital, the deposit percentage and repayment period can be negotiated to suit you. Stepped payments, inflated rentals and other structures can be tailored to customer needs.

Audi financial services can be contacted on 0861111577.
audi financial services


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