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Avast app

Many mobile gadgets such as cell phones, iPads and tablets are prone to viruses that can corrupt the entire system and make users lose their important information. As such, Malware is rife on Android, and some developers came up a free and powerful antivirus app called Avast.

The Avast Free Antivirus 2015 impressed their customers a free antivirus solution, that was ranked as one of the best free antiviruses of 2015, and its Android release is just as impressive. The antivirus scans all downloads and installations for hidden software and trojans, and protects users while they browse the web or use internet-enabled apps.


Avast Mobile Security has a free antivirus for devices that use Android; the antivirus secures against unwanted phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans and even against loss or theft.

As such, users should secure their phones and tablets with this top-rated free mobile security app that has both antivirus and anti-theft protection. Below are some of the features that are characterized with this app:

  • Remote lock and memory wipe features (just two of its many advanced Anti-Theft components) keep your data safe from theft.
  • Locate lost phones or tablets through our web-based phone locator feature.
  • Protects against general infections, app vulnerabilities and Wi-Fi-based threats to your OS.
  • Security tools like virus scanner, virus removal, protector, network meter, app manager, app lock, and even firewall (on rooted phones) give you total control for staying clean.

The app is totally and is available in more than twenty languages.


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