Avbob Head Office

Avbob Head Office

Established in 1918, Avbob is a financial institution that has more than 1.3 million policyholders. The society has more than 150 funeral agencies nationwide, which makes their services easily accessible.

What products does Avbob offer?

Insurance Products:

Over the last 8 years alone, Avbob has paid more than R4.6 billion in special bonuses to policyholders.

Cashback Funeral:

After every consecutive 5 years of not claiming, you get your fifth year’s premiums back in cash.

Family Funeral Insurance:

Funeral costs are often high and challenging to provide for. Having the right kind of funeral cover is helpful, especially during such a difficult time. Avbob has introduced the Family Funeral Insurance product to provide the best solution under such circumstances.

Affordable, flexible and easy to understand, this funeral cover is designed to help ensure that South Africans aren’t burdened with hefty funeral costs.

Under this funeral insurance plan, Avbob provides a coffin or casket, preparation of the deceased, grave equipment and funeral pamphlets among other services. Coffins manufactured by Avbob are SAB compliant, so your loved one will be buried with dignity.

Renowned as Africa’s largest Mutual Assurance Society, this Avbob continues to strive to provide the best one-stop funeral insurance and burial service solution.

The institution will also arrange for the swift preparation of documents required, such as the notice of death certificate issued by home Affairs and the notice of death issued by a medical practitioner.

Avbob Extended Family Insurance:

This is funeral cover for the whole family.

Savings Plans:

A savings policy is designed to assist individuals with their wealth needs.

CashBack Life:

This is cover for whether you are 18 or 80.

To visit the Avbob Head Office, simply head to:

  • Avbob Building
  • 368 Madiba Street
  • Pretoria
  • 0002
  • To contact Avbob, call: 012 303 1000 or send an email to info@avbob.co.za


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