Axxess – Your Digital Playground

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South Africa’s digital industry has come a long way and continues to mature with each year that passes.The rise in internet usage has become synonymous with a rise in online business, marketing and a lifestyle generally driven by internet.This rising demand has provided room for more service providers to come on board. One of these is Axxess.

Axxess prides itself in being a service provider that provides comprehensive digital services.The foundation od this business entity has been built on promises of instant activation,24/7 support,no hidden costs,no contracts which force you to stay on beyond your wish,18 years of experience in the business and being voted as internet service provider of the year twice over the last few years.The services provided are divided into DSL Internet, DSL Lines, DSL Combos, Mobile Internet and Hosting.

DSL Internet services offer Capped DSL, Uncapped DSL, Business Uncapped, Prepaid DSL, DSL Modems and DSL Vouchers. DSL Lines is about allowing Axxess handle your Telkom DSL line activation and monthly rental. DSL Combos offer Uncapped DSL Combos, Capped DSL Combos and Business Uncapped Combos. Mobile Internet is about Mobile Data, Mobile Modems, Mobile Smart Devices and Mobile Vouchers.

Axxess can be contacted on 0861300900 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.


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