AzaTV – Online TV network launching in South Africa


The growth of internet in South Africa has prompted many companies to digitalise quiet a number of their services. The reason behind this development is that most consumers now prefer to access most of their services through the internet.

One such company which has capitalised on this development is Sorele Media. The company announced on 14 May that it will launch its online TV platform called AzaTV in May.
AzaTV is a new online TV platform whose intention is to deliver the very best in entertainment, lifestyle, talk, and inspirational content to Africans by Africans.
The company’s management believes that AzaTV will break new ground let alone answer some of the world’s best questions about Africa.

The online TV platform will be available through its website, as well as a free mobile app.

AzaTV will host originally-produced content, and at a later stage it plans to buy and screen content from producers across the continent.
The online TV will broadcast shows such as Aza Muzika, Yummy Mammi, and The Sit Down. These shows are meant to guarantee viewers an access to relevant and authentic shows right at the tip of their fingers.

In a related development, South Africa’s mobile network providers recently announced that they will hike their tariffs. MTN has the most expensive tariffs followed by Cell and Vodacom. Telkom has the cheapest tariffs compared to other network providers.


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