Bankfin Vehicle Finance


Bankfin is a former vehicle finance division of Absa. In 2003, Bankfin was replaced by Absa Vehicle and Asset finance.  As leaders in car finance in South Africa, Absa Vehicle Finance offers flexible, hassle-free car finance options for new and used vehicles and other moveable assets. 

The bank will tailor a finance deal to suit your needs with manageable monthly repayments on your loan.

If you are looking for vehicle finance, Absa Vehicle Finance can help you shop around for your car from approved dealers or through repossessed car auctions.

Things to consider before buying a car: 

  • You may need to pay a deposit
  • You can consider trading your car in
  • There may be balloon payments involved
  • You can use a handy car finance calculator to find out how much you can afford

Finance Solutions available:

A comprehensive range of vehicle and other asset finance options are available, such as: 

Instalment Sale Agreement

With this type of vehicle finance you get to own the car while paying it off. It’s typically suitable for cars not older than five years. You get to benefit from flexible solutions such as reducing your monthly payments by choosing a balloon payment. Repayment periods range between 24 and 72 months, while fixed or variable interest rates are offered.

Lease Agreement

Lower, more affordable monthly payments are offered through this option. You get to drive the vehicle of your choice without the hassles of ownership. You get fixed monthly payments, allowing you to be able to budget better.

Rental Agreement

With a rental agreement, Absa Vehicle Finance lets you have full and continual use of your vehicle without ever owning it. At the end of the rental agreement, you’re under no obligation to have an asset. You also have the flexibility of choosing a repayment period of up to 73 months.

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