Barclays bank’s offshore solutions


Absa Bank’s established partnership with Barclays Wealth, Private Banking allows individuals an access to a diverse range of international transactional and investments solutions.

Clients who compel an access to world-class international banking facilities, or those who want to diversify their investment portfolio offshore or are planning to relocate to a different country, Private Bank, in collaboration with Barclays Wealth, offers such clients the specific international solutions to match their specified needs both at home and abroad.

The bank’s innovative and affordable range of international services will facilitate clients to manage their personal and career commitments at home or in one or more international locations – despite of whether it is permanent or temporary. Private Banker will make certain that transactional banking and saving requirements are addressed.

Barclays Wealth Solutions
This facility is structured to meet a client’s international savings and investment requirements of discerning them by providing a secure haven for offshore investments, yielding easy access and absolute control.

Are you one of those people who would like to expand their investment portfolio with exposure to offshore assets and markets? Barclays Wealth offers you offshore transactional and investment opportunities through a mixture of financial solutions while giving you the flexibility to access and handle your international accounts.

With an international footprint in more than 20 countries, Barclays Wealth is a leading global wealth manager that focuses on private and intermediary clients worldwide thereby providing international and private banking, investment management, fiduciary services and brokerage.

What are the advantages?

  • The financial facility enables clients to broaden their risks across various economic, legal and political environments, making certain they (clients) are not overly exposed to the risks of one country.
  • International access to telephone and online banking
  • Access to a range of transactional banking solutions including debit cards and cheque books
  • A range of saving and investing options in a range of currencies and attractive interest rates
  • An option to set up bank accounts in your destination country before you arrive
  • Access to mortgage advice when purchasing overseas property
  • Expert advice on appropriate international investment accounts

How to qualify:
To qualify for this financial product, you should:

  • Consult with Private Banking or Absa Wealth International
  • Meet the minimum annual gross income requirements in GBP (£) or currency equivalent to deposit into a Barclays Wealth account
  • Have a minimum lump sum in GBP (£) or currency equivalent held across Barclays Wealth International accounts
  • A tax clearance from the South African Revenue Service

International and Offshore Unit Trusts
Clients who wish to subscribe to international and offshore unit trusts will benefit from rand hedging and diversification by investing in other regions and currencies through a variety of offshore investments.

How to qualify:

  • An individual should have available the minimum lump-sum investment amount or be able to pay for the monthly debit order for each fund before you can invest.
  • To make additional investment (not by monthly debit order), each fund has a minimum required amount.
  • Option to annually increase your debit order automatically.

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