Bayport Financial Services – Loans to Improve Cash Flow


Living expenses can be financially stressful on anyone. It’s not always possible to run a household strictly on cash. For instance, financing a wedding may be simpler by using a credit facility. Tending to car repair costs may also ease the financial burden when an individual has run out of essential cash reserves. At the end of the day, numerous individuals are reliant on credit to help finance needs such as these. The South African unsecured loans market is a vibrant one with countless lending institutions. The boom in this number is not unfounded. According to, “Unsecured loans, or consumer and small business loans that are not backed by assets are the fastest growing segment of South Africa’s credit market and are essentially the country’s own version of subprime loans.” An active participant in this sector is Bayport Financial Services, established in 2004.

Offering quick and simple loans, Bayport’s prime goal is to provide services of the highest standard. Loans are offered up to R100 000 and are transferred in a short amount of time into qualifying individuals’ accounts. Professional, personalized service underlies Bayport’s principles. The financial institution has crafted the Loan service to serve this high-value segment effectively. Fixed interest rates and affordable repayments throughout the loan duration make budgeting easier for clients.

It’s Bayport Financial Services’ promise to “make all the difference to your cash flow,” through suitable loan solutions for each individual.

Bayport Financial Services can be contacted on: 0861 456 456/ 441 or (011) 580-1146. Visit their website on:


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