Being an Entrepreneur in South Africa

Being an Entrepreneur in South Africa

There is a lot of advice healthy for entrepreneurs wanting to make it to the top, especially in South Africa. If we take advice from some of South Africa’s top entrepreneurs, you can learn a lot in your quest to start and grow a successful business.

Remember that choosing what not to do is just as important as choosing what to do. The business strategy is incredibly important and this should be put in place before you even start. Another piece of great advice is that you can feel and people can tell you much more about business and crafts and statistics ever can.

Set your own goals and never measure yourself against others. This is a very important business decision to make, as many entrepreneurs often take too much time looking at the competitors then be the best version of themselves. Always grow and always exceed wherever possible and make sure that you know exactly what you expect from yourself and your business.

Anton Ossip, CEO of Discovery Insure says that, “Education is not just about getting your foot in the door. It should be an ongoing process.” There is no replacement for hard work. Another skill of running a business is to know when you should push through closed-door and many simply need to walk away.

Steven Cohen, Managing Director of Sage Pastel Accounting believes that should always be self-aware. Self-awareness helps you to understand why you react in the way that you do, and this insists you in responding to criticism better and always grow instead of being defensive. This is a solid business advice tip from a successful entrepreneur.


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