Benefiting From a Travel Rewards Credit Card

Travel Reward Credit Card

If you use your credit card on a daily basis is a good idea to join a rewards program so that you earn rewards for everything you spend. Almost all the major banks offer rewards products and this is often what attract credit card users in the first place.

ABSA Rewards

If you are an ABSA credit card holder you will earn ABSA Rewards, which you can redeem for a wide variety of products and services, including travel discounts. A travel rewards credit card is what makes it so rewarding to buy on credit, as you won’t have received these benefits otherwise. ABSA perfect allows you to log into your online banking system and view the amount of rewards you have so far.

First National Bank

FNB offers you the ability to earn eBucks for all your purchases made with your credit card. eBucks can be redeemed in the form of shopping discounts for a variety of products and services, including travel deals and flights. This is what makes their rewards program so popular as eBucks is one of the most popular reward programs in the country.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank customers can enjoy earning UCount rewards with their purchases. These rewards can be exchanged for discounts on a variety of things including flight bookings and holiday expenses. This is one of the main benefits of using your credit card for all your daily purchases.

If you order a regular traveller you can benefit from a rewards program that allows you to spend your rewards on your travelling expenses, including your flight bookings and travel arrangements. If you spend a lot on your card you will earn more rewards and it will translate into more discounts for you to use.


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