Best Broadband Connections Money Can Buy in South Africa

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South Africa is a fast growing developing economy with many service providers in the telecommunications sector. Choosing the best especially when it comes to broadband is always a homework for the customer. Below are the best and fastest broadband connections available in South Africa.

Telkom 1Gbps Direct Internet Service – DIS offers premium internet connectivity with no contention (guaranteed throughput) and has highest priority on the network. Price varies based on configuration.

MWEB 1Gbps fibre connection – This service offering features upload speed of 100Mbps and a 500GB data cap at a cost of R2,499 per month.

123Net 1Gbps Gigabiz 100 fibre connection – This offering has 1Gbps local speeds and 100Mbps international speeds being offered at an affordable R2,999 per month.

Vox Telecom 1Gbps fibre service – This service which is also popularly known as VX Telecom offers 800GB of monthly data at a cost of R2,499 per month.

Cybersmart 200Mbps uncapped lightspeed fibre – When you talk about light speed, nothing is faster than this.This comes with a local contention ratio of 1:1 and international contention of 15:1.The cost is only R19,999.

RSAWEB 200Mbps fibre connection – This broadband connection offers symmetrical bandwidth and a free router at a give away price of R17,043 per month.

Bitco 200 Mbps uncapped business fibre – Bitco is about internet, voice and connectivity. It offers excellent bandwidth and custom business services at only R30,000 per month.

Greencom 100Mbps uncapped business fibre – Greencom is all about proper and efficient connection.This service provider offers symmetrical bandwidth at only R4,999 per month.

Internet Solutions 100Mbps uncapped fibre – Internet Solutions is a division of dimension data.This service offering includes a router and a fibre circuit at R8,799 per month.

Vodacom 100Mbps uncapped Broadband Connect Fibre – Vodacom is a giant telecommunications company in South Africa.This product offering from this giant offers symmetrical bandwidth and contention ratio of 10:1.The cost is only R10,000 per month.

Neotel 100Mbps uncapped NeoBroadband fibre – Neotel has continued to earn the trust of the public when it comes to broadband.This offering in particular has a contention ratio of 10:1 and symmetrical bandwidth.The cost is only R17,000 per month.

MTN Business Broadband 100bps fibre – MTN is renowned for excellence in its product and service offering.In this respect,MTN offers unshaped and uncapped symmetrical bandwidth at a connection of 1:5.The price is only R41,000 per month.


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