Best Capital Sources for Your Business


Real financial capital is a must in order to get any business idea off the ground. However, It isn’t always realistic to expect enterprise-level venture capital companies to take interest in your new business idea. Below are the best capital sources for your business.

Kick-starter – Kick-starter is one of the more famous crowdfunding sites, earning popularity from bands and artists wanting money to help release an album or go on tour. Primarily focused on creative projects, Kick-starter is appropriate if your business has more of a creative focus. For instance, indie video game developers have leveraged Kickstarter to raise capital for new projects.

Indiegogo – Indiegogo is another popular crowdfunding website, following a model similar to Kick-starter. There is a fee involved for using Indiegogo: 9 percent of the raised funds if the ultimate goal is not met and 4 percent if the goal is met. The main benefit Indiegogo has over Kick-starter is that you get to keep your funds, minus the fee, even if you don’t reach your intended goal.

Startups – combines the worlds of crowdfunding and venture capital.The website does a nice job of walking the new business owner through the different steps to attract investment capital, including forming an investment plan, looking at the variety of capital options, and deciding what to put in the final pitch.

Business Finance – is an excellent one-stop shop. It provides a host of resources and sources for loans, venture capital, and other information for a startup. This site offers access to other information beyond what is offered on capital, including lists of business counselors and Chambers of Commerce offices. – Getting a grant from the government is another great method of raising new business capital, provided you qualify. is the government’s official website for  grants where you can search and apply for a wide variety of business grants.


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