Best companies to work for in South Africa

best company to work for

Best companies in SA, professionals in different sectors of the economy and even graduates coming out of tertiary institutions are every now and then confronted with the question of identifying  the ideal employer. While the hierarchy in terms of whats important may differ from one employee to the other, generally good employers are about good leadership skills such as courage, patience, positive attitude, good financial rewards for employees in form of wages, a genuine concern for the well-being of employees which is exhibited in things like contributing towards employee medical care, providing a conducive and enabling working environment also ranks quite high on the qualities of a good employer.

In South Africa, research conducted in the recent past has indicated some names which can not be ignored. While this list may fluctuate from time to time, the following organisations are worth highlighting.

Best companies to work for
Big companies in south africa

Coca Cola South Africa – Coca Cola is the worlds largest beverage company. This business entity employs thousands of people in the country, pays healthy wages and has been commended for prioritising black economic empowerment (BEE).

Unilever South Africa – This reputable firm tracing its roots to the United Kingdom and Netherlands is one of the best employers with strong emphasis on training and skills development. Unilever also rewards its employees with performance based bonuses which are paid annually as well as other cash prizes which reward exceptional competency and delivery. Unilever believes people are its greatest assets, in this breath, Unilever employees enjoy a 24 hour Vitality assist funded by the company which gives them and their families counseling, financial assistance and legal advise when needed.

Group Five Construction – Group Five is a renowned construction and engineering firm and it has over the years become a leading employer in South Africa. Boasting of a level 3 BEE certificate, Group Five has strongly committed itself to shareholders, customers, employees and communities.

Cell C – Cell C is South Africa’s third cellular provider and also the smallest in terms of workforce. This factor has played to its favour by offering good conditions of service and an enabling working environment for its workforce.

Nestle – This is one of the famous dairy brands around the world. In South Africa, they have created a business presence characterised by trust, quality, honesty and diversity as well as promoting the culture of an informal work environment which supports values of openness, trust and transparency.

Vodacom Group -Vodacom is under the umbrella body of Vadafone.Vodacom has been commended for being an employer that puts employee wellness on top of its priorities. This leading telecommunications provider has a corporate wellness programme that includes an Employee Assistance Programme, HIV and Executive Health Management Programmes.

South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) – SANRAL as it is famously known is a government parastatal run by the department of transport with a mandate to improve, manage and maintain the national road network. This organisation has continued to employ many people and enjoy the benefits of working under a semi-autonomous government wing.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) – The JSE is the most respected financial market on the African continent. The JSE is an ideal employer which is driven by enthusiasm, a passionate team, exciting workplace and constant innovation.

SAS Institute РSAS International has recently been named the number one company in the US for Fortune magazines  100 best companies to work for. SAS has developed a unique bonus plan that recognises both performance and achievement on the part of the employee.

MTN South Africa – MTN is one of the country’s biggest brands. MTN has a proactive model which assists to identify high performers called Leadership Talent Management. It also offers a service called MyMTN Emergency which is a home and roadside emergency assistance for workers.

For professionals who are already employed or even unemployed and looking for better opportunities as well as students who will soon be graduating from tertiary institutions, the above list provides great employment pointers.

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