Advice for getting the best HIV Insurance Plan

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In the past, getting life insurance as a person living with HIV was difficult. With developments in the health industry, life expectancy of people living with HIV has increased significantly. HIV is no longer viewed as a death sentence like it was in the past.

Following changes to legislation, financial institutions began implementing changes to policies, thus giving individuals living with HIV/AIDS the opportunity to apply for life cover. Stigma surrounding this pandemic has decreased to an extent, as a result of education about Anti-retrovirals and wealthier clients. These factors have contributed towards a shift in the insurance industry.

Insurance companies have succumbed to pressure put on them to provide HIV Insurance.

Factors taken into account include the stage of the disease, the extent of disease control and compliance as well as possible complications.

Tips for getting the best HIV Insurance Plan:

It’s important to choose a plan that best meets your needs.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business of managing their risks. So they will assess you thoroughly before providing you with an HIV Insurance Plan.

Various factors used in the underwriting process include:

  • How advanced the HIV is
  • The age of the HIV Insurance Plan applicant
  • The general health of the individual
  • An assessment of whether the person has any other serious medical conditions
  • Assessment of whether or not the patient is undergoing treatment

To get the best HIV Insurance Plan, you need to compare insurance companies, Make sure that you find a registered insurance company that has a good reputation and is in good financial standing.

Look over the policies to see if any discounts may apply. The insurance company should be able to afford to pay-out in the event of a claim.

Why get an HIV Insurance Plan?

Having insurance means you can provide a financial legacy for those left behind. It can also be useful for covering funeral and burial costs.



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