Best Home Insurance


What do you need to get the best home insurance?

Combine buildings and contents cover

More insurance companies are offering their clients savings options by giving them the chance to combine various insurance cover types. For example, by combining your home insurance and your car insurance you could save quite a bit. 

Reduce your premium by cutting all the frills

You need to know exactly what you are covered for. By getting rid if any extra cover costs, you are able to get more benefits.

Pay your premiums annually

Insurance companies actually charge you a bit extra for arranging monthly premium payments. So by paying annually you can bypass these extra charges.

Pay a bigger voluntary excess

If you choose to pay a higher excess amount you will likely pay lower premiums.

Secure your home

By adding security features to your home such as burglar bars and alarm systems you may get a lower insurance premium. Add more locks and security features or even time switch lights to deter home robberies.

Build up a No-Claims Discount

Minimise risk

By doing simple things such as implementing fire safety systems, you could significantly minimise risk. You can also insulate your pipes.

What you need to know about getting the best home insurance:

  • Know the exact value of your home and how much insurance you need
  • Understand the risk factors that your premium will be based on
  • Know and utilise all of the things that can actually save you money on your premium
  • Tale inventory of your possessions
  • Keep your inventory list safe
  • Know exactly what you are covered for and the extent of your cover. Remember that there may be certain exclusions.
  • Get exact details on how to file a claim. Make sure that you know how your home insurance provider processes claims and what will be required to facilitate a smooth process.


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