Best Tablets for Small Business


In today’s increasingly mobile world, tablets are quickly replacing desktops and laptops as the device of choice for many small business owners. A tablet can make communication easy from wherever you want to conduct business, whether you’re chatting to a customer while traveling, hiring remote employees, catching up on email while grabbing coffee, or working from home. But with so many brands, choosing the right tablet can seem like a difficult task. Below are the top tablets for your small business.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – Samsung has several models and sizes of quality “Tabs” to choose from, but the Galaxy Note Tablet’s large 10.1-inch screen features the Multi Window function, which allows you to view, resize, and move multiple applications at the same time, while Air View lets you preview items without needing to open them. With the S Pen feature, you can “write” on the tablet as if you’re using a pen and paper, allowing you to create handwritten memos and giving notes a more personalized feel. This is a great tablet for multi-tasking business owners.

Google Nexus 10 – The Nexus 10 boasts the highest-resolution tablet display in the world. It’s lightweight, thin, and fast, so it’s perfect for the traveling business owner.This device has an extremely powerful display and graphics processor, so if you rely on a lot of videos or graphics for your business, the Nexus 10 offers sharp text and vivid visual details. One of the biggest benefits of this tablet for businesses is the video chat feature that works with Google+ Hangouts.

Apple iPad Mini – The Apple iPad Mini is another great option for travel-oriented business owners, so if you’re less about size and more about mobile convenience, this is one of the best tablets available. The device features a 7.9-inch display while still giving its users the complete iOS experience. Like any Apple device, this is user-friendly, ranks highly in customer satisfaction, and it’s the only tablet that has so many apps — more than 375,000 — designed to work specifically with the iPad. It has a FaceTime HD camera, an LED-backlit display, built-in apps, and HD video recording. It can do virtually everything a regular iPad can do, but in a smaller size with a lower price tag.


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