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Better bond home loans

Better bond home loans

Real estate is arguably the most secure and financially enriching investment option an individual or family can ever make. Individual properties in many markets however are unique which presents a major challenge to a buyer looking for the best financing option.This process involves substantial research work. One business concern which has stepped in to alleviate this is Better Bond.

Better Bond loans – experts in home and personal loans

Established in 2003, Better Bond has become the country’s prime bond originator facilitating home loan applications for clients for free. With cutting edge technology systems and a wide service offering presided over by trained consultants, it is not surprising that over 1 million South Africans which translates into one in four now live in their dream home through Better Bond.

Some of the benefits of using this financial intermediary include the fact that they are the largest mortgage originator with more than 12 years experience in the industry, they enjoy preferential relationships with all of the major banks in South Africa, clients obtain home loans at the lowest interest rate and best term possible.

Better Bond does not just give home loans but also provides personal loans to clients.This loan can be raised to cover deposits, fees or any other unforeseen costs or to purchase something special for the new home.

Better Bond can be contacted on 0800007111.


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