How to improve your car fuel consumption

improve your car fuel consumption

So the petrol price is on the rise again, and it might not be long before it shoots back up over R14 per litre. SA may well become the country with the most expensive fuel in the world.

If you’re an AA member, you probably already know this stuff, but here are 5 tricks for reducing your fuel consumption:

  • Pull off slower & stick to the speed limit
    Fast acceleration is a sure-fire way to burn the gas. In my own experience with family members, I have seen that I can increase fuel consumption by at least 20% by slowly accelerating after stops at robots or stop streets. Although I have a rep as the slowest driver in Jozi, not only do I have a distinct lack of speeding tickets, but my fuel consumption is outstanding. In my ten-year-old Daewoo Matiz, I can get 20km/l on the open road, and about 17lm/l in traffic.
  • Let gravity do the work
    Freewheel downhill – it’s that simple. Like a rollercoaster, the minute you hit the top of the hump, take the car out of gear and roll down. As long as you’re not too heavy on the brakes (thus increasing wear and tear), your running costs per kilometre will be lower.
  • Wind up them windows
    Any form of drag on the car increases fuel consumption, so make sure you wind up your windows if it’s not excessively hot. When the wind simply blows over the car instead of darting through it because of open windows, the aerodynamics are improved and so is the fuel efficiency.
  • Never fill your car with petrol
    Petrol is heavy, so when your car weighs more it costs more to run. Besides, a car that is low on petrol is a deterrent to hijackers and thieves, because the getaway is delayed. You may say this is nuts, but think about it…
  • Check your tyre pressure
    Over- or (particularly) under-inflated tyres can significantly hamper the car’s performance. Why? Well, especially with flat tyres, remember you are creating drag again, because it takes more energy to make a flat tyre move forward.

All the best with your fuel saving good habits!


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