Bidvest bank loans and advances for business

Bidvest loans

Small, medium or large scale businesses around the world all the depend on the lifeline of capital availability.To a layman on the street, capital is money. All businesses must have capital in order to purchase assets and maintain their operations. In South Africa, it has been established that potential business ideas and existing ones have been forced quite often to close due to insufficient or non availability of capital. It is this scenario that attracted South Africa’s premier banking institution Bidvest.

Bidvest introduced loans and advances for the business community. This product range provides the much needed finance for those who are looking for working capital loan or raise funds to inject capital into the business for medium to long term growth. With this asset based finance, Bidvest is able to build mutualy profitable relationships with the business world.

This finance is offered through full maintenance leasing, rental finance, investment sale finance, commercial property finance and medical equipment finance. Full maintenance leasing covers unforseen maintenance on company vehicles, Rental finance is similar to full maintenance leasing except that the monthly rental does not include maintenance and repair cover, Instalment sale finance buys or renovates commercial, industrial or retail property or re-finance an existing funding structure while Medical equipment finance is equipment and technology funding for medical professionals.

To access this finance, Bidvest can be contacted on 0114073103.
Bidvest loans


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