Bidvest Insurance Offering Reliable Cover Through Innovative Solutions

Bidvest Insurance

Bidvest is a world-class financial services provider which has been delivering top quality service for years. The entity now has a staff level of 100 employees. Its main aim is to provide innovative insurance solutions.  Bidvest offers clientele a range of warranty, life, vehicle and value added insurance products. The services provided are underpinned by a strong emphasis on integrity and accountability.

Bidvest Insurance:

Protection against every day hazards is provided in the form of vehicle insurance. With this service, you are afforded mechanical breakdown warranty, tyre-guard, bodyguard and interior-guard. Shortfall protection and travel insurance are also included. This cover includes products designed to help keep your vehicle in top condition for longer.

Bidvest Insurance Brokers:

Comprehensive insurance policies such as motor and household insurance, maintenance plan and veridot are included.

Bidvest Life:

This plan includes Auto-settlement as well as superior life and funeral plans. Auto-settlement is a product created to ensure that accidents, illness, retrenchment, sequestration/liquidation and death do not result in you, or your loved ones losing the use of your vehicle.

Individuals aged between 61 and 71 years of age qualify for life cover only.

The funeral plan includes a Family Funeral Benefit option which provides cover for your spouse as well as up to five children.

Bidvest ensures that clients are provided with efficient service. For this reason, valid claims are payable within a period of 48 hours.

For comprehensive, innovative solutions for your unique insurance needs choose Bidvest. Get a quote by calling: 0861 668 888. You can also simply visit for more details.


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