Bidvest World Currency Card


Locally controlled commercial South African bank, Bidvest Bank offers a global preloaded travel card that comes with automatic visa platinum status. With this card, clients get world-class benefits like dining deals, special shopping privileges, extended warranty and purchase protection.

The global travel card is South Africa’s first pre-loaded travel card that merge entire benefits of a travel card with the privileges of Visa Platinum. The Visa Platinum is accepted at tens of millions of locations worldwide, including 1.9 million ATMs in the Visa Global ATM Network.

The card has significantly condensed the danger of carrying cash when travelling around and one other important aspect about this card is that a client can access funds in the local currency of their travel destination.

With this card, a client can reload their cash if they feel the money they are left with is not enough to cater for their needs. This financial facility has a text and email notification system that notifies the owner of the card on every transaction made using the card.

The World Currency Card is secure to use because it has a PIN and signature which are protected for extra security.

How to make currency options online
Clients should click on the country of their destination on the map provided for details of the country’s currency and these include rates, rate calculator, rate history, and the ability to order online.


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