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Blackberry partners with Samsung to enhance security

Blackberry partners with Samsung to enhance security

Blackberry and Samsung have announced plans to go into business together for the sake of enhancing security on Android phones. With the integration of BES12 and KNOX, the partnership will ensure end-to-end mobility solution for the Android. Blackberry and Samsung customers will be happy to get the best mobile security solution. The hardened and trusted EMM together with secure and defence-grade Android services is bound to leave customers in awe.

The combination of the Samsung KNOX and BES12 is the most secure Android solution. This means that the world’s most popular and secure Android devices will now be supported by a world-leading and trusted EMM solution. The uncompromising corporate security and employee privacy ensures the complete separation of business and personal data, while ensuring enhanced user experience. This also means that the needs of many of Samsung and Blackberry customers including government, financial services and healthcare will be uniquely met.

Pricing for the solution is still not clear but will be revealed as soon as the solution is available. It is expected to go on sale in early 2015. The partnership comes as good news to both entities and their customers whose worries of security will now be a thing of the past. The program will offer more options for customers that need enhanced levels of security on Android devices. The program also includes features that will deal with unique security challenges on Android, including specific mechanisms to protect data against on-board malware.

The program will support a wide range of Samsung Galaxy smart phones and tablets. Samsung will resell BES12 and Blackberry will offer KNOX support as part of the Gold family of BES12 subscriptions. To stay updated on the security solution that will ensure customers’ complete happiness and relief, go to www.blackberry.com and www.samsung.com.

Blackberry and Samsung


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