Blacklisted and in need of Cash? These are No Credit Check Loans

Blacklisted Cash Loans

Being blacklisted can be a stressful experience. It also means that creditors aren’t willing to provide you with any credit, so you need to find a way to improve your credit if you have any hope of getting access to finance. Being blacklisted is never a pleasant experience. The reality is that there are various reasons that people find themselves in such situations. Some people fall behind on their debts as a result of unplanned events, such as retrenchment or critical illness.
After not paying instalments for a number of times, this may lead to a bad credit record. Loans for blacklisted people have given people hope again. While it’s true that it can be harder to get a loan with a bad credit record, these loans have proven that it’s not impossible
If you are blacklisted and in need of cash it may be helpful for you to get access to no credit check loans.
These types of loans provide a convenient way for individuals with bad credit, or who are blacklisted, to get access to loans, without focusing too much attention on their credit status. There are a number of financial institutions that offer no credit check loans, such as:

SMC Financial Services

With SMC Financial Services, there are no consultations needed. Loan applicants can also expect rapid approvals. Loan amounts range between R500 and R150 000, with 3 months to 3 years to repay. There are no credit checks and repayments are fixed for the full duration of the loan.

No Credit Check Loans

No Credit Check Loans is a financial institution specialising in providing payday and personal loans to people with bad credit records. Applicants who are blacklisted stand high chances of approval, as long as they have sufficient income. If you are blacklisted and in need of cash you can get access to no credit check loans of up to R200 000.
Even though qualifying for no credit check loans may provide some much-needed financial relief, it’s always a good idea to make efforts to improve your credit standing by paying off any outstanding debts you may have.


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