Bloemfontein Rose Festival 2015

Experience a different kind of vibe at the Bloemfontein Rose Festival 2015.

What started off as a marketing tool by local council members to attract tourists to the capital city of Bloemfontein has since blossomed into an annual event that attracts flower lovers from far and wide to experience why the capital city is referred to as the ‘city of roses’.

The abundance of these flowers signify what the city of Bloemfontein is about further represented through the city’s Rose Festival held this year on 23-25 October.

Bloemfontein rose festival 2015

The Rose Festival has a sought of an old world theme as some of the festivals activities take place in private gardens all over Bloemfontein where the people of the city open up their gardens to the public for viewing while competitions take place to improve gardens all around the city, such as the Free State Rose Society Champion, Rose Cut Competition.

The unique festival founded in 1976 is held during the month of October, which is a best time for roses in the Free State area to flourish due to the cold winters and long, warm summers.

Mass flower displays by local nurseries and Mangaung municipality of the Department of Parks and Cemeteries are on display during the festival, but beauty is not only found in the roses but also in the Miss Volksblad Rose Bud competition for girls aged 3 to 4. These festivities are centred on The Loch Logan Waterfront, one of the most recognised landmarks in the city of Bloemfontein.



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