Blue Consolidation Loans

Blue Consolidation Loans

Easier financial management options with Blue loans
Numerous South Africans have indebted themselves to a number of credit providers with the aim of meeting their differing financial circumstances. Managing these multiple loans can become an exhausting monthly chore for many individuals. Comparing the interest rates and ensuring timely payments requires prudence and diligence. Some people may have difficulty keeping track of all their debts. A convenient manner useful for managing debts is through a consolidation mechanism. Consolidation allows clients to pay one repayment amount to a number of different financiers. There is a single interest rate paid on the loan amount.

Blue Financial Services aims to be the service provider of choice for South Africans. Reliable and committed to discipline, dedication, diligence and responsibility, Blue believes in people and their potential. The institution has introduced a system to make finances easier to manage for clients. Its consolidation loans offer individuals the means to salvage fair to low credit scores in preparation for a major purchase, such as a new home. This may essentially result in fewer bills to handle. Monthly payments are reduced by extending the loan term. Another benefit of consolidation loans is that most do not have prepayment penalties. This works out to the advantage of the client, as the loan is paid off faster.

Blue Financial Services is dual-listed on the AltX board of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and on the Botswana Stock Exchange. It aims to provide clients with accommodating, personalised solutions for their financial needs.

To apply for a Blue Consolidation Loan, SMS the keyword “blue” to 32545 and a trained consultant will call you back. Visit their website:


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