BlueBean, the ultimate credit card

BlueBean credit card

A credit card is a payment card issued to users as a system of payment. It allows the cardholder to pay for goods and services based on the holders promise to pay for them. A good credit card can be measured in different ways such as low interest rates, available promotional rates, perks such as frequent flyer miles, no unnecessary fees such as application, activation or program fee. One credit card living up to the reputation of being a good one is BlueBean.

BlueBean is a division of Standard Bank. With a history of innovation excellence, this business introduced its own credit card which is meant to save clients time and money as well as provide value for money through competitive pricing. BlueBean credit cards are divided into BlueBean Classic Credit Card, Silver Credit Card, Gold Credit Card and Premium Credit Card.

This credit card has amazing features and benefits such as being contactless which allows a customer to tap the credit card within a 5cm range of the terminal at the point of sale, it has a secure PIN, provides free access to Standard Banks self service banking, it has a budget facility which allows a customer to spread repayments over 6 to 60 months, balance transfer which allows for transfer of all other credit card balances, it also comes with free electronic statements, basic automatic travel insurance when you book your travel tickets in South Africa and pay with BlueBean credit card, it also has a credit protection plan, free lost card protection, easy payment options, automatic bill payments and a customer can even put a picture of himself or herself on the BlueBean credit card.

To qualify for these credit cards, one needs to be a South African citizen and be 18 years or older. Classic and Silver credit card applicants must earn a minimum of R4,000, Gold Credit Card customer is expected to earn a minimum income of R8,000 per month and Premium Credit Card customers should earn a minimum income of R25,000 per month.

BlueBean can be contacted on 0860121131.
BlueBean credit card


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