BMW latest i8 is a revolutionary spectacle

BMW i8

Driving a sports car is fun, even if the car is at the lowest of the sports car range. Especially after driving a number of cars, there is no other car that pleases a person than a sports car. The i8 plug-in hybrid is one of BMW’s greatest inventions of all time, and the sleek-looking car knows how to be silent on the run.

Featuring swan-wing doors, a shark-nose front end, and a supercar stance, the i8 plug-in hybrid is BMW’s most revolutionary car in decades. The car is a perfect combination of style, comfort and speed. The interior design is elegant yet subtle, and suited for a king. The i8 plug-in hybrid embodies the modern day sports car. It is also good for the environment as part of BMW’s eco-friendly system.

While the car doesn’t rely heavily on its sports car look, the design is everything that BMW stands for. A turbocharged three-cylinder engine/electric motor duo with a combined 357 hp delivers great acceleration with efficiency. Handling the car can be done quickly and easily while the steering remains precise. Braking on the plug-in hybrid is great for any car of its calibre. The car definitely sets new standards for efficiency and performance.

Driving the hybrid is guaranteed to give the ultimate driving experience. The best part about the car is the offering of a sporty driving performance with low consumption. The car comes in a variety of colours including silver, white, blue and black. The plug-in hybrid will be turning heads on the road for its modern look.

To learn more about other BMW product offerings and perhaps give the amazing i-8 plug-in hybrid a test drive, details can be found on
BMW i8


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