Branding: Your presence in the digital sphere

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Young people are growing up in a constantly connected society and 2015 has seen a dramatic shift to how youth use the social media platform. It’s no longer only about connecting with your friends and family, but more a personal brand building platform. As far as content what’s been posted is no longer random reposts or information but rather specific posts that are reflections of the overall identity.

And since many young people are taking advantage of the power to publish aka ‘self-branding’, there can be a downside and upside to this.

For instance with technology everything you post leaves a digital footprint therefore it is best to be smart about what you put out on the online universe, as it all comes back to you and managing an online presence and being able to interact effectively online is becoming an increasingly important skill for your brand.

More so in the work environment, just as much as it is critical to have valid and up to date work referrals, employers also use social media to screen job applicants. And this is not just some urban myth you’ve heard from a friend, but it’s a proven theory through social media monitoring service Reppler who conducted a study among a random sample of 300 individuals involved in the hiring process at their company.

While on the other hand the upside to using social media as a form of personal branding is that it cuts down on the cost and time of your marketing activity, which when promoting your online presence to the world. Social technologies can get the job done far more quickly and efficiently.

Especially since we live in a country where the economy is hurting the youth due to its slow growth resulting in many youth who sit at home with no jobs, therefore self-branding puts economic empowerment in your hands as most young people are usually signed on to one of the social networks.

I guess with social media the words, ‘what you put out is what you will receive’, ring true.


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