Branson centre of entrepreneurship

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

The provision of entrepreneur institutions in South Africa has seen the growth and increase in the number of small businesses. As such, these SMEs inject more revenue into the country’s economy let alone employing a number of people.

One such institution is the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship owned by Richard Branson, a self-made billionaire and business magnet, who is the founder of the Virgin Group – a business entity which comprises of more than 400 companies.

The centre’s main objective is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills, opportunities and inspiration which they need in order to succeed.

The institution has programs that are designed to assist businesses develop and grow. Worth noting is that the centre does not provide entrepreneurs or any other business people with any form of funding but rather offers the following:

  • Access to knowledge: the centre is a vital hub for entrepreneurs to access training and mentorship
  • Access to networks: A  channel to access local and international business communities, peer and industry networks, and the economic cluster of governments
  • Access to markets: This is a platform designed to showcase entrepreneurs both locally and internationally, and an access to procurement opportunities
  • Access to resources: A link for entrepreneurs to access finance and professional services

Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship is bankrolled by Virgin Unite, a non – profit foundation of the Virgin Group. The centre gets some of its money through investments from corporate and global business leaders.


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