British Airways credit card, world class experience


Backed by Barclaycard and issued by ABSA Bank, the British Airways credit card is the item to have in your wallet. Not only does it exude class, importance and exclusivity but that little piece of plastic comes with some amazing benefits. The credit card can be swiped anywhere in the world and is also a must have for anyone who is a saver of note.

By using the credit card, the holder collects Avios which are like points, so the more you swipe the more Avios you earn. This card, which is accepted in more places than any other card, is perfect for the ‘shopperholics’ and regular flyers because they can save a lot. For example, with every R5 spend at British Airways, BP and Pick n Pay, one Avios is earned. With the amount of groceries bought and petrol spend on a monthly basis; it is clear that a lot of Avios will be earned.

Credit card holders could also get up 9 000 Avios for spending the first three months, which is equivalent to a return-trip from Joburg to Durban – a total bargain. The endless benefits include lounge access and domestic priority check-in with British Airways and free basic insurance cover on international trips. This is the card that will give anyone the ultimate world class treatment.

The more spend on the card, the more rewards one can earn. This includes anything from complimentary vouchers, cabin upgrade vouchers and a companion voucher. That is an experience that should not be missed by anyone, and those points will come in handy when taking that holiday in December with a loved one or friends. So if you are a Cape-to-Cairo type of person then this card is a definite must-have for you.


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