My Budget Book, Android financial app


Personal budget. Google is a technology organisation and phenomenon which has really altered research dynamics, how people and organisations exchange information and generally how business is done. As a technology giant, Google has been at the forefront of developing unique apps. One of the apps to emerge from Google is the Budget Book.

This app can best be referred  to as a finance management programme. It allows users to keep track of both earnings and expenditure. The Budget Book comes with distinctive features such as being able to be used for more than 100 currencies, available in 10 different languages namely English, Deutsch, Espanola, Portuguese, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Pyccknn, Polska and Magyar, its tablet optimised, it requires no registration and it offers easy access with no internet connection required.

Allowing users to use the individual transfers and standing orders feature to have a good idea of foreseen expenses for the coming few months and compare with available finances. With a graphical overview of the information, planning for larger purchases in up-coming months becomes easy. The budget mode feature also allows users to set goals and limits for various criteria and periods. For instance, a user can create a monthly limit for refuelling or a weekly limit for food. Users can also define limits for accounts such as credit cards or define limits for payment types. It can also be determined whether recurring budgets should be transferred in the next periods and users can also adjust the limit in recurring budgets for individual time periods if you have a month more or less money to spend.

The Budget Book can downloaded here.
A similar app can be found here


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