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The world has over the years undergone tremendous change which has vastly been driven by technology.The business sector in particular has gained massive benefits. One of the trends fuelled by this technology age is alternative payments. Most alternative payment methods have been specifically developed for electronic commerce and the payment systems are generally supported and operated. A perfect example  of an alternative payment method is the Nedbank prepaid electricity.

Nedbank being one of South Africa’s major financial institutions decided to design a product that would assist millions of electricity consumers to access the commodity without much stress. The Nedbank prepaid electricity is authorised to sell prepaid electricity on behalf of certain municipalities and service providers. Municipalities may also use this service for municipal debt collection purposes.

Before any prepaid electricity purchase can be made, a meter needs to be registered. If you are using the Nedbank App Suite or Nedbank mobi, you log on using your required credentials, select the admin menu, select prepaid electricity and then select add new meter option.

Then when using Internet Banking or SMS Banking, you need to log on using your required credentials, select prepaid menu, select prepaid electricity and select add new meter option.

After successfully registering your meter, you can purchase prepaid electricity by selecting the purchase now option under prepaid services.

Nedbank can be contacted on 0860555111.

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